Turrican III Preview

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Turrican III Preview
Title image from Turrican 3(Preview)
Game No. 173
Developer Chester Kollschen, Stefan Gutsch
Company Protovision
Publisher Protovision
Musician Lars Hutzelmann
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/T/The_Blue_Ninja/Turrican_3_preview.sid
Release 1998
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up, Platformer
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information Forerunner: Turrican, Turrican II
Successor: Turrican III


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C64Games 5 12th July 2006 - "satisfactory" - 140 downs



From 1997-1998 PTV tried to make an inoffical follower of the legendary Turrican series. The development had proceeded very fast. The status was at an estimated 60%. Unfortunately, several reasons against which we were powerless spoiled our appetite to continue the development and we had to stop the project. Until now there is only one preview of this version, which at that time had beend stolen by Laxity at a party (Preview-v1). Now is the time to give some further insight into the project of that time.

As a buyer of Hockey Mania you get the latest executable preview (Preview-v2) of the game, that could be found. However, the level design is not 100% finished here and there, although it has been developed further. But it is no problem to walk around in the worlds and get a certain impression. But you should always have in mind, that nothing in this game had a status of 100%.

... an animation from level 1-1 (Preview-v1)

On the disk you find the worlds:
1-1 basic (slightly different level design)
1-1 advanced (further advanced)
2-1 (completely accessible)
2-2 (completely accessible)
4-1 (only a small part accessible)
5-1 (big part accessible)

Note for level 1-1 advanced:

This is further developed in level design & end boss. The latter was missing in the Laxity version. While playing this level please keep the floppy switched on, as the game reloads in the background unnoticably. This was the only way the huge animations of the boss could be brought to the memory. Have fun while walking through the levels...


Level 1-1 (adv)
... an image from the game Preview-v2
Level 1-1 (basic)
... an image from the game
Level 2-1
... an image from the game Preview-v2
Level 2-2
... an image from the game
Level 4-1
... an image from the game Preview-v2
Level 5-1
... an image from the game


... The error message at V1 after losing all lives
  • In level 1-1 (Preview-v1) the error message "Waiting for PC..." appears after you have lost all lives. After that the program crashes.


Joystick left Joystick right = walk left/right
Joystick left forwards and press fire button Joystick forwards and press fire button Joystick right forwards and press fire button = jump into the corresponding direction
press fire button = duck
press fire button (short) = single shot with set weapon
press fire button (long) = activate external, controllable permanent-shot unit


  • There is no solution possible in this preview, as it is in a rather early development phase and the availalbe levels can only be played individually.


  • Cheats as unlimited time and unlimited lives are partially still built into the available levels and do not have to be activated seperately.


Örg: "The game is literally SH*T! I rather play the real Turrican III to 999999%. What kind of crap have the coders done here?!".

Logan: "Why did they mess things up? Technically seen it is programmed well. The game has ingame music and sound effects. The weapon systems are similar to those of the other parts, only the rotor and the allround shot are missing. The mines and smartbombs have already been missing in Turrican II. The enemies (also the extra lives) are also only gone when you have shot (collected) them. And if you think the preview was difficult, you should play Turrican III (from about level 3-2) by Smash Designs."

H.T.W: "Utterly interesting preview of an unfortunately never finished Turrican version. In preview-v2 you see rudimentarily how the end product could have looked."



  • No official cover released No official cover has been released for this preview.


  • Highscore does not make sense.