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Disambiguation The title of this article is ambiguous. Boom (Disambiguation).

Titel screen
Game No. 482
Publisher Comgame 576 KByte
Musician Thomas Egeskov Petersen
HVSC-File /MUSICIANS/L/Laxity/Ikari_Intro.sid
Release 1996
Platform C64
Genre Shoot'em Up
Gamemode Single player
Operation C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png
Language Language:Hungrian


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6.40 points at 5 votes (rank 579).
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The intro.

Boom is some kind of Doom clon and wasreleased for the C64 in 1996. You move through different levels in a first-person view, shoot enemies and look for the exit. In contrast to Doom there is now continuous movement/scrolling. Instead, you move in steps, similar to roleplaying games like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder. Furthermore, your weapon is not aimed at the middle of the screen. Instead, you seperately move a cross-hair across the screen. The cross-hair also buckles when shooting, dependeing on the type of weapon used.

The game was released in Hungarian language only. However, there is very little text, and knowledge of Hungarian is not required to play the game.


Monsters attack .
Everything's quite yet.
An enemy, shortly before his decease

Level statistics show only the number of enemies killed and the total number enemies.
The game over screen is not really subtle.
The exit consists of the word "Exit".


The uses a first-person view in HiRes. The upper part of the screen consists of window which show the enviroment. To the right, a map of the part of the level one's currently in is displayed. Below both of the windows is a status bar, where (from left to right) the number of keys collected, the player's health, the player's avatar, the current weapon and the available ammo for all three types of weapons.


There is music for the intro and the outro. During the game, there are only a few sound effects like gun shots or sound when picking up an item.


Türen versperren den Weg durch das Labyrinth. Wo ist der Schlüssel?
In höheren Levels gibt es mehrere Gegner gleichzeitig oder hintereinander!

The game is controlled by keyboard only.


  • Q : Step to the left.
  • E : Step to the right.
  • A : Turn left.
  • D : Turn right.
  • W : Step forward.
  • S : Step back.
  • C : Use key.
  • I : Move cross-hair up.
  • J : Move cross-hair left.
  • K : Move cross-hair down.
  • L : Move cross-hair right.
  • F : Shoot.
  • F1 : Load game.
  • F7 : Save game.
  • £ : Show assignment of all keys.


Do you have enough ammunition on level 44 (KALMA)?
  • A medpack. Medpack: Restores a part of your health.
  • A key. Key: Opens a door.
  • Ammo: Ammunition for one the three types of weapons.
Ammunition for the revolver. Ammunition for the shotgun. Ammunition for the machine gun.
  • Weapon: There are three types of weapons: Revolver, shotgun and machine gun.
The first weapon: the revolver. The second weapon: the shotgun. The third weapon: the machine gun.


An invisible enemy - can you make him out?
  • In order to use weapons, you need ammunition.
  • You can find everything you need in the labyrinth, you only have to look for it.
  • Objects are often randomly distributed around the labyrinth, with the exception of weapons and keys.
  • You cannot overrun enemies!
  • Some enemies will follow, so running away is not always enough!
  • Shooting enemies often yields extras like medpacks and ammo.
  • Doors can only be opened with a key.
  • There are also some (almost) invisible enemies!
  • Weapons, ammo, health and keys can be carried over the the next level.
  • If your health reaches 0, the "Game Over" screen appears.


The labyrinth of the first level.
...the last exit on level 51, ENDLE.
...if you fought your way through all of the levels, you get to see the final screen!

Walkthrough / Level Overview

  1. Level (Utowa): 4 enemies, first weapon: Revolver, 1 key for one door; design of the labyrinth: Caves
  2. Level (Ragor): 9 enemies, second weapon: Shotgun
  3. Level (Gotah): 18 enemies, several doors
  4. Level (Taayf): 15 enemies, several doors
  5. Level (Vezon): 20 enemies, several at once, many doors
  6. Level (Trell): 20 enemies, many doors, third weapon: Machine gun
  7. Level (Detus): 20 enemies
  8. Level (Sergo): 33 enemies
  9. Level (Messi): 33 enemies
  10. Level (Wyoma): 40 enemies, different design for the labyrinth: Mines
  11. Level (Pabuq): 38 enemies
  12. Level (Cizon): 52 enemies
  13. Level (Lexya): 45 enemies
  14. Level (Faton): 53 enemies
  15. Level (Yawwa): 60 enemies (2. side of the disk)
  16. Level (Rixer): 41 enemies
  17. Level (Samio): 40 enemies
  18. Level (Preia): 46 enemies
  19. Level (Klado): 39 enemies
  20. Level (Esorg): 51 enemies
  21. Level (Mowan): 48 enemies, different design for the labyrinth: Hedges
  22. Level (Badsu): 55 enemies
  23. Level (Godds): 41 enemies, Caution: enemies appear and start shooting at once!
  24. Level (Jilva): 58 enemies
  25. Level (Derfo): 46 enemies
  26. Level (Wekon): 55 enemies, many enemies at the beginning of the level!
  27. Level (Berri): 61 enemies
  28. Level (Cowag): 49 enemies
  29. Level (Kolof): 46 enemies
  30. Level (Hudor): 58 enemies
  31. Level (Emmia): 36 enemies, different design labyrinth: Bricks
  32. Level (Leawi): 29 enemies
  33. Level (Ocmir): 45 enemies
  34. Level (Assom): 39 enemies
  35. Level (Edolo): 49 enemies
  36. Level (Himac): 42 enemies
  37. Level (Barft): 60 enemies
  38. Level (Kelen): 47 enemies
  39. Level (Qibor): 48 enemies
  40. Level (Dexot): 32 enemies
  41. Level (Rappa): 42 enemies, different design for the labyrinth: forest
  42. Level (Ytide): 40 enemies
  43. Level (Gronn): 41 enemies, many doors!
  44. Level (Kalma): 47 enemies
  45. Level (Darix): 52 enemies, appear at the beginning!
  46. Level (Mamaw): 54 enemies
  47. Level (Poiwa): 50 enemies
  48. Level (Dipoa): 37 enemies, appear at the beginning!
  49. Level (Kafra): 48 enemies
  50. Level (Ramor): 40 enemies
  51. Level (Endle): >11? enemies, the final level!
  52. Ending: The ending / outro is on disk side no. 1 / A!


In the CSDb there are Cracks with Trainers which enable unlimited ammunition and level skipping, and offer joystick support and an English translation.


Jodigi: "Certainly a very good programming performance, but this game genre is not so my thing..."



No official cover released For this game no official cover was released.




Since there is no kind of score, a highscore ranking does not make any sense.