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Crystals of Zong
Startscreen of the game.
Game No. 473
Developer Sean McKinnon
Company Cymbal Software
Publisher Cymbal Software (North America), Personal Software Services (PSS) (Europe)
HVSC-File GAMES\G-L\Krystals_of_Zong.sid
Release 1983
Platform C64
Genre Arcade, Labyrinth
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.png {{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english Language:Dutch
Information Known as Mummy's Tomb in the United States; often rendered as Krystals of Zong


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Crystals of Zong is a Canadian game published in 1983. It's a simple maze game where the player has to reach the end of the level while surviving various monsters.

Every level consists of 9 labyrinth-like rooms arranged in a 3x3 grid. The player starts in the middle of the central room, and each one is connected to the adjacent ones. In every room there are four monsters, a key, a sword, a central vault with a treasure, and in every level there is one torch that can respawn in a different room 2 or 3 times per level, bringing the total available to 3 or 4. There are 4 levels: in the first one the monsters are snakes, in the second bats, in the third spiders and in the fourth mummies who shot fire when facing the player. Each monster is faster than the previous. They move randomly along the maze, and touching one of them or their projectiles will kill the player, who will then lose one of his 5 lives. Monsters can change direction on a corner or a crossroad, but will never stop and very rarely make a u-turn. Also, in the rooms there are no death ends. The player can reverse direction but can stop only if he hits a wall that prevents him to continue forward. Every level has a time limit of 3:30 minutes, shown on the bar on the bottom right of the screen. When it's over, the monsters will become dark and difficult to see. Taking the torch will reset the time and the monsters will become bright again. Taking a sword will allow the player to kill the monsters of this room for the next 6 seconds, except on the fourth level where there are no swords. Every key allows to open one of the 9 vaults, where the player can take the treasure. Treasures give points, but some have other effects too. Taking the boots allows the player to move faster until the end of the level; taking the special sword allows to kill the monsters of this room for 21 seconds; taking the ladder will end the level and lead to the next one. If a player takes a sword or a special sword and leaves the level, their effects expire immediately. Monsters become red when the player can kill them and dark red during the last second it's possible to kill them. Monsters and mummies' shots can't reach the player when he is inside the treasure vaults. Monsters, keys and screen borders come in different colours, but they don't have any particular meaning.

There are no difficulty levels. The first three levels are quite easy, the fourth it's more tricky.

Crystals of Zong doesn't have a musical score, but has cute sound effects: taking a torch will play "Light my Fire" by The Doors, taking a treasure will play "If I Were a Rich Man" by Sheldon Harnick & Jerry Bock, ending a level will play "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini and dying will play the folk melody "New Britain".

Two bugs are fairly common:

  • The time bar will often times freeze, giving the player unlimited time of light.
  • The game crashes from time to time at the beginning of a level.



Picture Name Points when killed Number available to kill Notes
Crystal of Zong player.png
Player - 5 -
Crystal of Zong angel.png
Angel - - Brings dead players to heaven
Crystal of Zong snake.png
Snake 200 40 -
Crystal of Zong bat.png
Bat 200 40 -
Crystal of Zong spider.png
Spider 200 40 -
Crystal of Zong mummy.png
Mummy 200 4 Shoots fire
Crystal of Zong fire.png
Fire - - Is shot by the mummy

Objects to use:

Picture Name Points Quantity Use Notes
Crystal of Zong key.png
Key 100 9 Allows to open the central vaults -
Crystal of Zong sword.png
Sword 100 9 Allows to kill the monsters Lasts 6 seconds
Crystal of Zong torch.png
Torch 50 3 - 4 Lightens the dark monsters Resets the timer

Treasures to collect:

Picture Name Points Use Notes
Crystal of Zong boots.png
Boots 500 Allows the player to run faster -
Crystal of Zong chest.png
Chest 1500 - -
Crystal of Zong crown.png
Crown 1500 - -
Crystal of Zong crystal of Zong.png
Crystal of Zong 1500 - -
Crystal of Zong green potion.png
Green potion 500 - -
Crystal of Zong ladder.png
Ladder 2000 Ends the level -
Crystal of Zong lamp.png
Lamp 500 - -
Crystal of Zong orange potion.png
Orange potion 500 - -
Crystal of Zong sword.png
Special sword 500 Allows the player to kill the monsters Lasts 21 seconds

Points available:

Level Objects Treasures Monsters Total
First 1950 - 2000 9000 8000 18.950 - 19.000
Second 1950 - 2000 9000 8000 18.950 - 19.000
Third 1950 - 2000 9000 8000 18.950 - 19.000
Fourth 1050 - 1100 9000 800 10.850 - 10.900
Total 6900 - 7100 36.000 24.800 67.700 - 67.900


  • Simple and playable game.
  • The action is very fluid.
  • Bright colours.
  • Catchy melodies.

Level 1.
End of level 1.

Level 2.
End of level 2.

Level 3.
End of level 3.

Level 4.
End of level 4.


  • Boots - Taking the boots helps a lot, so it's a good idea to grab them as soon as possible. If the player discovers in which room they are but can't get them right away, it's better to take note of the room and come back as soon as he gets the right key.
  • Points - In order to score more points, it's useful not to kill any enemy or grab any sword until the player gets the boots. With them it's easier to kill every enemy in a room before the sword's effect expires. It's a good idea to go near a sword and to wait still until every monster gets close to the player, in order to catch them all in the few seconds that the sword's effect lasts. In the room with the special sword it's possible to kill all the monsters with one of the swords, exit the room, come back, and then kill again the respawn monsters with the other one.
  • Order - The player always starts in the central room, where one key is available. After taking this first key, a vault in one of the near rooms or in one of the corner rooms will be open. The player can then go straight to this room, so as to save time, eventually taking yet another key if the goal was on a corner and he had to transit along one of the edge rooms. At this point another key will be available, and the player can cover the rest of the level by circling around the central room clockwise or anticlockwise, choosing the direction that will lead him to the available vaults first.
  • Surviving - The easiest way to die is to get trapped by two or more monsters in a corner or corridor, so it's better to avoid closed spaces when the enemies are near. In the fourth level, only the special sword allows to kill the monsters. However, it doesn't protect the player from their projectiles. Mummies will shot at the player only when they face him, so it's possible to catch them by approaching them from behind. It's quite difficult, though.


Like many games, once the last level is completed, the player jumps back to the first level. However, lives and score are remembered and enemies become faster.


Several crack versions are available on [1].


Lynx: "Nice game".




Disc cover.
Disc back cover.

Crystals of Zong cassette cover.png

Cassette cover.
Crystals of Zong cassette back cover.jpg

Cassette back cover.
Crystals of Zong cassette.jpg




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