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Intro of the game
Game No. 373
Developer Stanley Schembri
Company System 3
Publisher System 3
Musician Matt Gray
Release 1990
Platform C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum
Genre Adventure, Arcade 3D
Gamemode Single player
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Media Icon disk525 2.png Tape-icon.pngCartridge-icon.png
Language Language:english


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7.50 points at 18 votes (rank 224).
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64er 4 Issue 11/90
C64Games 8 4th March 2011 - "super" 3728 downs
Lemon64 6.7 4th March 2011 - 58 votes 8 26th June 2011 - 1 votes
ASM 8/12 Issue 9/90
ZZap64 94% Issue 02/90


The hero of this action adventure was played a prank on. During the war he reaped honour and glory and due to his abilites he was set on a group of terrorists. But suddenly not only those were his enemies, but also his superiors and he was dismissed. His only confidants are merely his brother and the brother's daughter. His brother works for the state developing a secret formula for an ultimate weapon and the inevitavle happens: His brother and the daughter are kidnapped and this by the same group that he was set on. And the police has also the opinion that he is mixed up in this case. This is too much, now is the time for VENDETTA!

Now you take over the control of our nameless hero and lead him through altogether seven levels, of which four are in a design similar to "Last-Ninja", which means "graphics diagonally from the top" and three (the intermediate games) consist of driving sequences in which helicopters are the enemies and a police patrol that demands a certain item. The aim of the game is to free the niece within an hour and then find the group's boss and eliminate him.


Level 1
Level 2,4,6
Level 3

Level 5
Level 7



No fire button pressed
Joystick right forwards / Joystick right backwards / press fire button / Joystick left forwards = go along the way diagonally in the corresponding direction
Joystick forwards / Joystick backwards = climb ladder up/down (also with weapon)

Fire button pressed
Joystick forwards and press fire button = high blow or stab
Joystick left forwards and press fire button / Joystick right forwards and press fire button = middle high blow or stab
Joystick left and press fire button / Joystick right and press fire button = foot kick
press fire button and press fire button / Joystick backwards and press fire button / Joystick right backwards and press fire button = duck, search/pick up item (only without weapon)

  • Weapons (also hand grenades) are activated by pressing the fire button and firing/throwing into the viewing direction.

Required keys
F1   = activates/deactivates the film reel. Scroll through the items with joystick Joystick left Joystick right and choose with fire button press fire button.
Space   = choose weapon and take into the hand
P   = pause on/off

Controls during driving
Joystick forwards = accelerate
Joystick left forwards / Joystick right forwards = accelerate and steer into the corresponding direction
Joystick left / Joystick right = steer into the corresponding direction
press fire button / Joystick right backwards = brake and steer into the corresponding direction
Joystick backwards = brake

F1   = choose surface-to-air missiles
F3   = choose machine gun
F5   = turbo booster on/off
P   = pause on/off

  • The fire button triggers the set weapon (only if the "Weapons System Card" has been found).
  • If you are stopped by the police, scroll through the items with joystick Joystick forwards Joystick backwards and choose with fire button press fire button.

Hints for the game[edit]

  • At first get comfortable with the controls. It will take a while until you can master them.
  • You have only one screen life, therefore it is recommended to avoid fights at the beginning of the game and first look around for weapons. However, after a death you start again in the same level with an undiminuished inventory but 0 points.
  • You start the game only equipped with your fists and a knife, therefore search all possible and impossible items, you will also discover things outside of buildings.
  • Do not forget that you also play against time. You have only one hour to solve all puzzles and eliminate the group of terrorists before your brother and his daughter will be executed.
  • Note the flashing crosses when you enter a place, at this locations there are interesting items.
  • You can also search data in a computer to find out where the captives are.
  • Doors to rooms where weapons, ammunition, bullet-proof vests and other items are, may need to get kicked or smashed in.
  • Before you enter a room in a later level, equip a weapon.
  • The colours of the enemies' trousers represent the grade of their hazardousness.
  • Your Ferrari F40 is your only ally, but it needs the right "extras" to start it and make it a deadly weapon (to get into the vehicle choose key and press fire button).
  • Do not forget that the police thinks that you are mixed up with this kidnapping case. Therefore make sure that you own the right items to bribe them.


Level 1: Headquarter

Defeat the first enemy, pick up the wire cutter next to the wooden box, kick in the door to the arsenal and take the MG that is lying on the table. Take the hand grenades and ammunition in the room. Go along the buildings to the ladder standing at the left and climb up.
Kick in the door, search the sleeping bag in the last room and take the amulett. A room before that pick up the keys for the Ferrari and the ammunition. Another room before that pick up the automatic rifle. In the next room take the red book in the silver-coloured cabinet and the blue tape in the drawer of the desk. In the red book are two codes for the computer (these are queried randomly).
In the next room you find a blue disk, at the desk a red tape and in the silver-coloured cabinet a map. Now go to the computer with the password query and use the blue disk, enter the logon code from the red book and you get an identification card.
Leave the building, climb down the ladder and go to the right. At the Ferrari next to the rain barrel you find a bullet proof vest. Unlock the Ferrari with the key and go.

Level 2,4,6: Freeway

Follow the appearing directional arrows at the junctions. After some time, the police will stop the car and ask for a randomly picked item that can be found in the previous location. Therefore you should exactly search the previous location and really take everything with you. You can go on driving after you have handed out the required item.
Attacking helicopters can be eliminated with surface-to-air missiles (Key "F1") or the machine gun (Key "F3").

Level 3: Army-Camp

Kick in the door to the building lying at the left and in the room behind that search through the metal cabinets; in one you find another map. Pick up the white notebook from the computer table and the handbag next to the phone, then leave the building. In front of the next building you find hand grenades. Look out for the rifleman at the following corner on the way, continue as fast as possible.
Climb up the ladder next to the tank, take the ammunition in the red box, pass the tank and pick up the bullet-proof vest in the box. Kick in the door of the ammunition storage, plunder the red ammuntion box, leave and continue to the big yard. Go into the hall at the left and take the stiletto shoe from the bed. Leave the hall, go through the yard and you are again at the beginning of the camp. Into the Ferrari and go...

Level 5: Airport

Kick in the door at the main entrance and take the bullet-proof vest from one of the metal cabinets. At the register cabinet next to the door you find some "glasses with false beard"; with this costume you will not be recognized by the terrorists, even if you run around while shooting wildly.
To the right there is a hangar, which you can now cross completely. In the second room you find a package with ammunition, then go further to the right and do not attack the guards. After passing the hall you find yourself on a free terrain of the airport. In the next screen climb up the ladder into the airplane. To the left of the ladder there is also some more ammunition.
In the plane, the custome does not work anymore, so beware! Move on to the cockpit, there you find the niece on the pilot's seat. Unfortunately, also a bomb has been installed that needs to be deactivated. Take the wire cutter and cut the wires in the following order "RED", "YELLOW", "BLUE". Freeing of the niece done...

Level 7: Central-Park

You enter the park by the northern entrance. Go along the path and eliminate every terrorist that thwarts you. Go back to the statue, this guy is still alive. You search him and notice that he is the boss of this group. Now the title page of a newspaper is shown with a corresponding message.

Game Over, Mission accomplished...

... the end screen


  • To jump a level press the keys [B], [U], [N] and [T] at the same time (not tested on an original C64, does not work with emulator).
  • Watch the video on YouTube (longplay by Reinhard Klinksiek part 1+2, see section "Videos").
  • On you find under "Lösung" a map of all levels including drawn-in find spots of the items (this is actually for the ZX Spectrum, but can also be used for the C64 version).


H.T.W: "In this "spin-off" of the Last Ninja series, the excellent graphics (already in the intro) instantly stand out, but also the (by the mainly equally half-baked new engine) slightly botchy controls (moving only diagonally) in the isometric levels as in Last Ninja 3. But at least the storyline is partially quite successful and there is enough to discover and combine. In return, the intermediate levels with the car drive are beneath criticism (as they are too long, uninteresting and the car is hard to steer) and if you do not have the right item for the police the game is over. But the gag that you can dress up in the hangar level (see Infiltrator) and thus get invisible for enemies as long as you do not set an action, is not a bad idea. And I also recognize the deactivation of the bomb next to the niece from (The North Sea Inferno). However, the game somehow feels "unfinished", it would have been better to keep the old but fully developed and bug-free LN2 engine. All in all an interesting (but not overwhelming) action adventure with many possibilites to die and good graphics, but not to be recommended for joystick acrobats, as it is too simple... "

Equinoxe: "What do you do, if you invest all your time in great graphics and shortly before the deadline you notice that the game has become to easy? Exactly, you make the controls so complicated that the players dispair of those. But if you get the hang of them, it gets rather boring from the second screen onwards, in which you can properly upgrade your weapons. Simply shot everything and collect all items. Done. Even the time limit of one hour does hardly give an adrenaline kick. 5 out of 10 points for the nice graphics."



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Video-Longplay part 1/2 by Reinhard Klinksiek


Topscore of Equinoxe
  1. Equinoxe - 114.700 - 7 (10.04.2011)
  2. H.T.W - 41.500 - 3 (07.03.2011)
  3. Nobody - 0 (

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#2 H.T.W #3 Nobody