Rabbit Pie

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Rabbit Pie
Game No. 164
Developer Geoff Dawson
Company Illusion Software Ltd.
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Release 1985
Platform C64
Genre Arcade, Collect'em Up
Gamemode Single player
2 players (simultaneous)
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Language Language:english
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Rabbit Pie is a Collect'em Up by Illusion Software, Ltd. from 1985. The player steers a rabbit named Roy through two different, alternating game sections.

In the first screen you need to collect top hats, which have the offspring inside peeping out, through a labyrinth of hedges, while Jones the farmer tries to shoot the grown-up with his shotgun.

In the second screen the task is to eat the field of carrots in a limited time and at the same time avoid an aggressive crow named Bernie, who bombs you with exploding eggs. Collecting a bubbling bottle makes sure that there is no ammunition for the crow for a short time. Wenn all carrots are collected, you can leave the screen through the entrance and you get a time bonus. Then the game starts again with changed layout of both screens.


Of course it is nonsense, that rabbits bring up their offspring in top hats – real wild rabbits live in oversized cowboy hats.

Simple graphics with a slight Spectrum flair meets equally unnoticed sound effects and a short title melody. The dithering of the rabbit after getting hit, adds a slightly morbid touch to the game. In the 2-player mode one player takes Roy the rabbit and the second player farmer Jones and the crow Bernie. There is a highscore list, but it is not saved.



Animation from the game which could have a nice comment, if the English language would know about rabbit jokes with carrots...
  • O  : call up "O"ptions mode
  • F1  : 1-2 player mode
  • F3  : change from normal to random level sequence (and back)
  • F5  : show highscore list
  • F7  : leave options mode
  • press fire button : start game
  • In all directions : hopple swiftly

Additionally in the 2-player mode

  • Joystick left Joystick right : move Jones or Bernie left/right
  • Joystick left and press fire button press fire button Joystick right and press fire button : Jones fires left/straight/right
  • press fire button : Bernie drops a bomb egg (needs to be fetched from the border of the screen first)


  • In the second screen empty the vertical corridors directly after the bird has thrown an egg.
  • The upper rim of the screen is especially dangerous, because the bird is faster than the rabbit.
  • Meanness: if you have collected all carrots and lose a life after that, the whole labyrinth is filled again.
  • You start the game with five lives; you get another life every five completed levels (maximum seven lives). For each carrot you get 5 points. For each cleaned carrot field and leaving it afterwards you get additionally 100 x level number points.
  • After the 7th run the level repeat themselves (and then you know how the cat, er... rabbit jumps...).


None known.


Rabbittron2084: "A Pac-Man version with a rabbit instead of the yellow grapefruit. A simple but sweet game with strongly notchy controls, which stands out as extremely disturbing in hectic situations and which lowers my otherwise rather positive impression to 5 out of 10 points."

H.T.W: "The game is also interesting in the 2-player mode with approximately equipollent opponents, if the players chase the points alternately with Roy the Rabbit and its enemies."

Jodigi: "A nice and funny Pac-Man clone."



  • Ingredients for rabbit pie: 1 wild rabbit, 225g smoked bacon, 1 tsp breadcrumb, thyme, marjoram, sage, laurel, nutmeg, salt, pepper, 2 eggs, 2 tsp cognac, parsley, laurel leaves, juniper berries. You might enjoy a rosé or a light red wine.
  • In the highscore table hides a small side blow towards Jeff Minter from Llamasoft: "Rabbits rule o.k. - Llamas no chance"




  • Only scores reached with the 1 player mode are allowed!
Topscore of Camailleon
  1. Camailleon - 32.215 (14.05.2011)
  2. Werner - 6.640 (14.05.2011)
  3. Mindless - 4.610 (07.04.2019)
  4. Equinoxe - 3.450 (13.05.2011)
  5. Robotron2084 - 2.305 (24.04.2011)
  6. H.T.W - 2.115 (25.04.2011)

#2 Werner #3 Mindless
#2 Werner #3 Mindless