Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - The Action Game
Title screen from the game
Game No. 479
Voting 5.78 points, 18 votes
Developer Graeme Ashton
Company Attention to Detail Limited
Publisher U.S.Gold, LucasArts
Musician Martin Walker
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/W/Walker_Martin/Indiana_Jones_Fate_of_Atlantis.sid
Release 1992
Platform Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Amstrad CPC, DOS, ZX Spectrum
Genre Action
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.pngJoystick + Keyboard
Media Diskette Datassette
Language Language:english
Information Arcade game with the same name as the known point & click adventure.

Voting[edit | edit source]

Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
5.78 points at 18 votes (rank 858).
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64er 6 Issue 9/93
C64Games 6 1st April 2007 - "good" - 3760 downs
Lemon64 2,9 1st April 2007 - 9 votes
ZZap64 56% Issuee 92/07
Play Time 69% Issue 94/10 - S.82

Description[edit | edit source]

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - The Action Game is the arcade version of the known point & click adventure by LucasArts. The game starts already in the middle of the plot (in the Monte Carlo Casino) and the plot was also partially changed to make this game interesting also for action adventure players. In parts you also need to solve puzzles as in an adventure. The game has an isometric view. The steering of the characters is done differently than in other similar adventures. If you press the joystick upwards, the character is moved forwards. To change the direction press the joystick to the right or left, whereby the character is turned into the desired direction. During the game you can also steer Sophia Habgood. Indy and Sophia both have an inventory each from which they can help themselves.

A short version of the plot: By order of a visitor, Indiana Jones finds in the archives of the university a mysterious statue, which until now cannot be allocated to any of the known high cultures. The visitor, who palms himself off as Mr. Smith, is an agent of the Third Reich who steals the statue. Due to hints, Indy can create a crosslink to Sophia Hapgood, his former assistant, who is now engaged with the myth of Atlantis. Together with her he goes for the search of Atlantis to fathom the plans of the Germans (they want to use its mysterious source of energy for their purposes) and - if necessary - to stop them.

Design[edit | edit source]

... the intro, mysterious things happen ...
... this is how it should not look like in the end ...

The isometric (diagonally from the top) view of the game is realised well. In return one needs to accept some graphical losses. The events take place in a four-coloured room. The game area is strongly narrowed by a thick rim that contains several displays. Concerning the sound there is not much to be heard except for noises. Also a saving function and a highscore list are unfortunately not available. However, the puzzles in the six levels are interesting.

Hints[edit | edit source]

The screen[edit | edit source]

Explanation of the game screen.

The screen is divided into several elements. From top left to bottom right:

  • The green compass shows the way to the level exit. It will turn faster when you are close to the exit.
  • The red timer shows the time that is left to solve the level.
  • The face shows the character that you currently play.
  • The wave shows the status of the other character.
  • The inventory field shows the item that is currently used.
  • The energy bar shows the current life energy.

The inventory list[edit | edit source]

The inventory list contains basically the following items:

  • GO - So the computer plays the second character.
  • STOP - So the computer does stop playing the second character.
  • Whip (Indy) - Indy can defend himself with this.
  • Fists (Indy) - Indy can defend himself with this.
  • High heel (Sophia) - Sophia can defend herself with this.
  • Money - To play on the gambling tables.
  • Chocolate (when found) - to refill life energy.

The controls[edit | edit source]

The game is controlled by joystick and keyboard. With the joystick you move the character into the desired direction. With the keyboard you execute some activities.


  • Joystick left / Joystick right = turn person left/right (or key "O"/"P")
  • Joystick forwards = go into the person's viewing direction (or key "W")
  • press fire button = jump (or key "J")
  • Joystick forwards and press fire button = jump into the person's viewing direction (first joystick forwards, then fire)
  • Space  = call up / confirm inventory
  • Joystick left / Joystick right = choose in the inventory (after you have pressed Space ).
  • U  = use the chosen inventory item
  • D  = put down the chosen inventory item (so you can also swap inventory between the persons)
  • C  = change the character (Indy - Sophia)
  • 1  = turn viewing angle by 90° clockwise
  • 2  = turn viewing angle by 90° anticlockwise
  • Return or Joystick backwards = pause (continue with fire button)


  • Normally, the program automatically chooses for Indy the fist and for Sophia the shoe.
  • It is better to choose the whip or pistol (if available) for Indy and the knife for Sophie
  • Joystick left / Joystick right = turn person left/right
  • press fire button = jump
  • U  = hit/stab/shoot (into the person's viewing direction)

The game principle[edit | edit source]

If you choose the GO symbol for a character, this character will be played by the computer, while you choose the other character. You can stop the second character by giving it the STOP symbol or by choosing this character. As long as a character is chosen by the player he has the full control over this character. You should, however, watch the wave. When the wave flickers, you will need to change the character fast to defend this character.

At the start of the game, Indy can only defend himself with his fists and his whip. Sophia on the other hand already has a mean weapon, her heigh heel. In the course of the game, you find other weapons that you can use. Also chocolate can be found which is used to fill up life energy. This happens most of the time, when an enemy has kissed the dust. However, caution is advised, as unconscious soldiers will wake up again after some time. Enemies also lose money which you can use wisely.

When the energy of Indy or Sophia drops to zero, they are not dead, but arrested. They can then be found in any room of the level and are guarded by an enemy (which you can avoid). There, they can be freed with the other person (by touching) and will then get back approx. a fourth of the total energy.

The speech symbols[edit | edit source]

From time to time, persons who talk to you or messages will be faded in. As neither Indy nor Sophia know all languages, such messages are shown in the shape of icons. Here are their corresponding meanings:

Icon 1 Thank you, here are your chips. Icon 15 You cannot leave without the "Lost Dialogues" and the "Map".
Icon 2 Thank you, here is the money for your chips. Icon 16 Enter security code.
Icon 3 Sorry, but this table is closed. Icon 17 The security code is hidden in the "Lost Dialogues".
Icon 4 Unfortunately, you cannot carry any more. Icon 18 Periscope Navigation Control: enter target.
Icon 5 Please no cash on this table. Please get some chips at the cash point. Icon 19 You need some pliers to deactivate the bomb.
Icon 6 Your stake is in. You need to stay at the table as long as your stake is in the game. Icon 20 Choose the first wire to be cut.
Icon 7 I am sorry, you have lost your bet. Icon 21 To deactivate the "Mark II" bomb, cut the wires in the following order.
Icon 8 Congratulations, you have won. Icon 22 Do not step on the "Great Machine".
Icon 9 Do not hit the hotel guests! Icon 23 Nobody can pass until our king is satisfied.
Icon 10 Your bets please. Icon 24 The king presumes appraise in adequate amounts.
Icon 11 This is my supply, what are you interested in? Icon 25 Pick the second wire to be cut.
Icon 12 Make an offer please. Icon 26 The chosen aim was reached.
Icon 13 Do not insult me with such small amounts. Icon 27 Message Decoder (is used with German morse code)
Icon 14 Enough haggling! I have lost interest in you. Get off! Icon 28 You both should leave us now.

Level 1: The casino[edit | edit source]

The casino

The aim in this level is to win money and find Monsieur Trottier. He sells important artefacts and weapons. You should try to get hold of Plato's dialogue.

Map of the casino

Level 2: The naval base[edit | edit source]

The naval base

Here you need the find the entrance to the navy base. There is a secret entrance through which you need to get Indy and Sophia. You need to open the hidden trap door with a code.

Map of the naval base

Level 3: The submarine port[edit | edit source]

Yellow Submarine

Übermann's secret exploration submarine is on the way to Atlantis. You need to get access to it before it dives down.

Map of the submarine port

Level 4: The submarine[edit | edit source]

The submarine

In the submarine you first need to get rid of a bomb and then find Atlantis with the periscope.

Map of the submarine

Level 5: The islands[edit | edit source]


The island may all look the same but only one of them leads to Atlantis. You need to satisfy the chief of the natives or else you will never find the entrance to Atlantis.

Map of the islands

Level 6: Atlantis[edit | edit source]


The Nazis are everywhere. You need to activate the Atlantic machine. Inside of Atlantis you are attacked by creatures. Now you need to find out quickly where they come from and how to get rid of them.

Map of Atlantis

Solution[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1
The casino of Monte Carlo
  1. Change money to chips. At the beginning the cashpoint is behind Indy. (Place Indy at cashpoint (A), see map above, choose money in the inventory and press key "U")
  2. On the 2nd floor play at the roulette table (B) until you have approx. $2000,- (You can play at the highest stakes of $80,- on the second floor). The roulette table always produces even and uneven numbers in turns. Simply let Indy first stake nothing (joystick left until the stake is zero) and play. Then always place the bet on the opposite number type (even/uneven).
  3. On the ground floor at the cashpoint (A) change the chips back to money.
  4. On the 1st floor at the very back (southeast) go to the office and place Indy at the desk (C), choose money in the inventory, press "U" and buy the offered book and the pergament (Map) for each $1000,-.
  5. Now go with Indy to the very top of the tower to the northwest (END).
  6. Switch to Sophia and also go to the tower as fast as possible.
  7. Level solved - sounds simple, but it is not!
  • Level 2
The naval base
  1. Go with Indy to the southeast until you reach the gate of the base.
  2. Absolutely avoid the light cones.
  3. Eliminate the guard in front of the game with the whip.
  4. Open the gate with the bunch of keys (that you now have in the inventory).
  5. You can sneak past the rest of the guards.
  6. Go to the middle of the fence in the southeast and there use the entrance of the house. (Change the viewing direction so you can see the entrance, see arrows on the map above)
  7. Use the book in the inventory, the correct code is shown.
  8. Go to the hidden trap door in the house and enter the correct code that is asked for.
  9. Switch to Sophia and also move her to the trap door.
  10. Jump through the trap door with Indy and Sophia.
  11. Remark: If you search through the naval base a bit more closely you will find a knife, a book and some Orichalcum balls (triangle with black dots, see level 6)
  • Level 3
The submarine port
  1. This is a level with a time limit. If you take too long the submarine will sail off without Indy and Sophia!
  2. Place Indy on the stone steps and at the highest place exactly on the point (in the middle of the step).
  3. Joystick forwards and immediately afterwards press fire button (Indy lands on the crossbeam)
  4. Joystick to the right so that Indy makes a quarter turn to the right
  5. Joystick forwards until short after the damaged point on the beam
  6. Joystick to the left and Indy lands safely on the submarine
  7. Make the same actions now with Sophia
  8. Remark: Only jump with empty hands at the submarine port!!
  • Level 4
The submarine
  1. Indy and Sophia start the level on deck 5.
  2. You can only climb up and down ladders if you carry nothing in your hand (Indy = fist, Sophia = stop icon). For this go into the direction of the ladder and keep holding the joystick forwards (backwards to climb downwards). By using joystick forwards and pressing the fire button you can jump onto the ladder, so that you do not fall through the opening in the floor. You can leave the ladder any time by pressing the fire button. While climbing you cannot switch to the other character.
  3. Take with Indy the bomb (A) on deck 4 from the box (see map above) and take it to the shaft (B) on deck 5 (press key "U"). The message appears that the aim is reached. This process needs to go fast, as the bomb will explode after some time. (You can also deactivate the bomb by cutting through the cables (see 4.), you can see the order at machine (D) (green - red - blue)..)
  4. Remove the barricade (C) with a fist punch and then go to the machine (D). Here you can see in which order you need to cut the cables of the bomb.
  5. At machine (E), the periscope navigation control needs to be set to "W" for west after touching to get to the correct island. (If you are on the wrong island, you only notice this when you are inside the guarded hut and there is no entrance in the small pyramid!!)
  6. If Indy or Sophia were captured (the energy goes to zero) they can be found on deck 5 in room Z. From there they can be freed with the other person (by touching).
  7. Now go back to deck 5 with Indy. When both characters are on deck 5 and the bomb is deactivated, the level counts as solved.
  • Level 5
The islands - (wrong island)
  1. Switch to Sophia and take the knife from the inventory.
  2. Lure the green native into the hut D. Sophia can easily keep him at a distance with the knife. With each hit, he will lose a box which contains a shark tooth.
  3. Use the knife in the hut and immediately leave. The native is then captured in the hut and Indy and Sophia are left in peace.
  4. Go with Sophia into hut C and switch to Indy.
  5. With Indy go to the king (A), on the way collect the boxes that the native has lost.
  6. The king demands 10 shark teeth for clearing the entrance in hut (END). For this, call up the collar made of teeth in the inventory, stand next to the king and press the key "D" (Down) as often as required until the native clears the entrance in front of the hut.
  7. When the hut (END) is open go with Indy into the hut and jump with him through the opening in the middle of the pedestal. (The compass also circulates on a wrong island where there is no opening).
  8. Switch to Sophia and also go with her into the hut and jump through the opening in the pedestal.
  9. Remark: 70 shark teeth is the maximum that you can carry. You find captured people in hut C. You need to have set the compass of the navigation device in the submarine to west, to be able to finish this level!!
  • Level 6
Atlantis, the last puzzle...
  1. Sophia is not needed in this level, Indy can solve it alone.
  2. Collect boxes with Indy until he owns some Orichalcum balls (shown as three dots arranged in a triangle-shape standing on the tip). (He needs 2 Orichalcum balls for the two Atlantic machines that open the passages and 15 balls for the main machine of Atlantis, which can also be collected there).
  3. Lure the guard into the corner of the wall (C).
  4. Activate the two Atlantic machines (A), (D). For this place Indy on the marked area behind a machine, set the Orichalcum balls in the inventory and activate them by pressing the key "U". The corresponding machine starts moving and opens the passage (B), (E).
  5. Go through the passages (B), (E) and along the inside ledge until you are opposite of the point (F). Jump to point (F) and go up the stairs (1). Further to (3) and jump the abysses (if necessary change viewing direction so that you can better see missing stairs etc.).
  6. Along the way until you reach the main machine (G) of Atlantis, then fill it with Orichalcum balls. The guard at the machine drops a chocolate bar and the Orichalcum balls in turns. Indy is safe inside the machine, he can fill up his energy there.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • The version by "Red Sector Inc." (RSI) (1-sided, without intro) offers as a cheat the ability to choose the starting level. The cheat mode for unlimited time does not seem to work. The bar at the right (for energy) is stopped, but internally the time (and also energy) is still counted down. Furthermore, level 5 "The islands" is not solveable after choosing it directly, as there is no exit at the end (see solution level 4). Also, the end screen is not loaded in this version after correctly fulfilling the mission, but level 5 instead.
  • There are no other cheats known. The cheats of the Amiga version do not work...
  • But there are some tipps:
70 chocolate bars in the inventory - as much as it gets
  • As long as the inactive partner character is switched to "STOP", it does not use up any energy (and is also not attacked).
  • You are safe from enemies on steps and ladders.
  • The enemy always takes the shortest way, i.e. if there are tables, buildings, wall etc. between you and the enemy, then you are safe.
  • You simply have to make the enemy lose the chocolate bar by using the whip or other weapon a few times and then collect them and seek a safe place where you can raise your energy calmly.
  • As you can also put down something from the inventory (key "D") you can also raise the energy level for the partner character. Swapping the choclate bars should be done at a safe place.
  • The guard in the first level in from of the prison (E) drops max. 6 bars. Here you can start chocolate collection mission with Indy: Get the guard to drop a chocolate 6 times using Indy and the whip. Then go with Indy up the stairs until the screen switches to the ground floor. Turn around and go back again (the guard makes his way again in from of the prison and is not interested in Indy any more). Now collect the boxes with the chocolate bars. Fill up Indy's energy with 2 chocolates (makes plus 4 bars in the inventory). Repeat the same thing until you have a max of 70 bars in the inventory)
  • In the first level, the roulette table on the second floor is opened again after it has been blocked for a while and then you can win 2000$ again. With this, you can afford the pistol (a very helpful weapon) at Monsiuer Trottier.
  • The last level (Atlantis) is almost too simple if you know how the two machines that make the passages are set in motion.

Reviews[edit | edit source]

H.T.W: "The first impression: That there was no solution for this game until now is not very remarkable, because if one starts to play it despite the deterrent graphics, one will lose all the motivation latest after the first struggle with the joystick. Furthermore, there are practically no hints to the course of the game in the "manual", only indications. The game itself is actually a relatively simple action adventure (simple, when you have found out what you actually need to do) whereby the action part predominates and the puzzles are not really challenging. But as I am an fan of Indy, I have tried to bring some light to the darkness of the game. Now a small (intermediate) conclusion:
Firstly: I have no idea how one can play this in one go (which you need to do in the original, as can neither save the game nor get a password for higher levels).
Secondly: The controls are beneath contempt, whoever had the idea for this must have suffered from a wrong-headed way of thinking.
Thirdly: If you expose yourself to this game for a few hours, you apparently get the same way of thinking and everything does not seem as horrible as before, because somehow you want to know how it goes on.... to be continued ....

The second impression: After almost a week, the controls do not pose any problems any more. If you know the trick with the guard in the first level, you can equip Indy and Sophia with each 70 chocolate bars, which is more than enough for all the levels. With the pistol (Indy) and the knife (Sophia) the enemies are no problem any more. This way the first levels are played through very quickly, but then you face the mean things as the navigation device in the submarine, which sends you into a dead-end (island without an exit), when it is set wrongly and of course these cursed switches in the last level of which I still do not know how to operate them or what item you need to activate them. Summarised, I need to say that the game is a bit underrated, it is quite worth playing!

Addition: After approx. two years the last level is now solved, finally. Unfortunately, the end is a bit disappointing, nothing is offered except for a positive newspaper announcements... Case closed!

FXXS: "The controls are a catastrophe and the enemies are still nerving despite the pistol. Graphics and sound are also not better. 5 points."

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Cover[edit | edit source]


... Front Cover ...

... Back Cover ...

Datasette[edit | edit source]


Highscore[edit | edit source]

Topscore of H.T.W
  1. H.T.W - 6.525 (22.08.2009)
  2. Equinoxe - 3.850 (05.05.2013)
  3. FXXS - 675 (16.10.2013)

#2 Equinoxe #3 FXXS
#2 Equinoxe #3 FXXS

Links[edit | edit source]

  • solution map on (305kb, PNG)
  • Walkthrough for Spectrum, but as regards to content almost identical


Video at YouTube Short video with scenes from level 3 and level 5