Maze Mania

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Maze Mania
Startscreen of game
Game No. 452
Developer Andrew Parton, Mark Jones
Company Designmaker Ltd.
Publisher Hewson Consultants Ltd
Musician Matt Gray
Release 1989
Platform C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga
Genre Arcade, Labyrinth/Maze
Gamemode Single player
Operation Icon Port2.png{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Tape-icon.png Icon disk525.png
Language Language:english
Information * Commodore Format 1992/05 Issue #20


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6.86 points at 7 votes (rank 417).
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C64Games ? 20. Juni 2006 - "sehr gut" - 2989 downs
Lemon64 7,2 9. April 2004 - 66 votes
Gamebase64 10 Mai 2005 - "Classic!"


Maze Mania is a nice 3D multicolor fantastic labyrinth game, that plays in the future and on an unknown universum. The player plays with the hero Flippo, who live in the 27. century and is arrested in this labyrinth. Your job to leave this labyrinth is:

  • The objective is to change all the floor tiles
  • Tiles change colour as you walk over them. The colours are different on different levels
    • Most tiles change when you walk over them and stay changed
    • Some change each time you walk over them
    • Some change only when you walk on them from a particular direction
  • The levels are the same each time although a random selection of tiles are removed. You lose a life if you fall in to the space. Some tiles when removed make it seem impossible to complete the level unless you know about jumping around the corner
  • Once all of the tiles have been changed, the screen flashes and a sound plays to indicate that the exit has appeared somewhere on the level

But some aliens, who are arrested Flippo in this maze, are hinder your quest. You can't fire, but avoiding or jumping over the alies and also over dangerous wholes in the ground.


The start of level 1...
Level 1 another time later...

Level 2...

The multicolor maze is in the middle of the screen and is scrolled by leaving the screen. In the gamefield you see the actual level, the score and your lives and also a power line. If the power is empty you lost a live. The background music and the sound effects are also good for this kind of game.


  • The game is loading with a speeder from tape or from disk with: LOAD"*",8,1
  • Controlling by keyboard or joystick in port 2:
    • Joystick forwards Joystick backwards Joystick left Joystick right / Q  A  O  P  - Up, Down, Left, Right: To move in that direction
    • press fire button / Space  - Fire: To jump
    • Fire + Direction: For a running jump
    • Can jump "around the corner" by changing direction in mid-air
  • Your character might be in any position on the tile. Depending on when you press fire to do a running jump you might change the tile when you land and you might not. You need to land such that your character has to walk a bit after landing to reach the centre of the tile.
  • If you hit an icons, you can start a bonus level after finishing the actual level.

First loading message by loading by tape.
... a picture of Flippo by tape loading.


  • Levelcodes (not tested):
    • Level 01 - NONE
    • Level 05 - HARLECH
    • Level 09 - JUPITER
    • Level 13 - STAYPUFT


  • Unlimited Live: POKE 13249,173


Jodigi: "A very nice and difficult 3D maze game with fantastic sound".

H.T.W: "Von dieser Sorte Spiel gibt es bessere Varianten, denn auch in höheren Level ändert sich außer der Anzahl der "Aliens" nicht viel. Im Originalspiel wird nicht mal die Highscoreliste gespeichert. Besser eine Partie Q*bert spielen!"





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