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Title image from the game
Game No. 410
Developer Nick Jones, Raffaele Cecco,
Huges Binns
Company Hewson
Musician Jeroen Tel, Charles Deenen, Johannes Bjerregaard
HVSC-File MUSICIANS/B/Bjerregaard_Johannes/Stormlord.sid
Release 1989
Platform C64, Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, PC-DOS,
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Genre Jump & Run, Action Adventure
Gamemode Single player
Operation {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}} C64-icon.png
Media Icon disk525.png Tape-icon.png
Language Language:english
Information Follower:
Deliverance - Stormlord II


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
7.36 points at 14 votes (rank 238).
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Lemon64 7,5 11th June 2011 - 52 votes 5,8 26th June 2011 - 5 votes
ASM 83% Issue 9/89 (ASM-Hit)
ZZap64 80% Issue 7/89


The Stormlord needs to protect the Stormland from the evil queen and free all fairies from her grasp. He starts with eight lives and can only pick up one item at a time. The current item is swapped by touching another item. A level is solved when all fairies have been freed. After that, the player is awarded with a bonus round where ten tears must be collected to get an extra life. Four levels need to be solved, then the knight inshining armour starts again with the first level. The difficulty grade stays the same.


Colourful graphics with horizontally scrolling screen. Music accompanies the whole game. In the lower status area the following is shown: number of lives, time status, number of points, current item, freed fairies and the number of fairies that need to be rescued.

Beware: poisonous rainfall
The honey pot drives off bothersome vermin


Controls in the title screen
  • 1  = steer with keyboard
  • 2  = steer with joystick (port2)
  • Joystick forwards start the game

Controls in the game
  • Joystick left forwardsJoystick forwardsJoystick right forwards jump
  • Joystick leftdo not move joystickJoystick right walk left/right
  • Joystick left backwardsJoystick backwardsJoystick right backwards duck
  • If you press the fire button additionally, a shot or a sword is fired, depending on how long the button is pressed.
  • With the key Restore  the game can be aborted at any time.
the bonus round: when ten blue tears are collected there is an extra life
  • Look for the time. A completely visible moon in the status display means the premature end of the game!
Game elements
Stormlord Schluessel.png Key Opens a gate
Stormlord Tor.png Gate Can only be opened with a key.
Stormlord Schirm.png Umbrella Protects you from acid rain
Stormlord HonigTopf.png Honey pot By putting down the pot, insects are attracted.
Stormlord Schuhe.png 7-league boots High jumps are possible.
Stormlord Fee.png Fairy It is rescued by touching it.


Level 1
  • walk to the left passing the ball, pick up key
  • further to the right, open the gate with the key
  • use spring board and free first fairy
  • use spring board, pick up umbrella, use spring board
  • through the storm, fire permanently and free the second fairy
  • go on firing and walk back to the spring board
  • go further to the left and pick up the honey pot
  • jump over the bees
  • swap honey pot with key and jump over bees
  • rescue third fairy, go quickly to the right until you reach the gate
  • rescue fourth fairy, spring board, walk past the umbrella at the right
  • pick up honey pot, swap pot with umbrella
  • swap umbrella with key
  • further to the right and open the lower gate
  • free the last fairy



Werner: "There is hardly anything to object on the technical side. Colourful graphics, good sound and precise controls. The intro music is a real treat. But as there are only 4 (graphically similar) levels, the diffculty grade was deliberately made very high. 8 points from me."

Robotron2084: "A very leasurely, scrolling platformer with the usual ingredients for an arcade adventure: pick up things and use them at the right places. Somehow this game has always left me untouched and assuming I played it "at that time", I probably have (rightly) forgotten about it again. Stormlord is in my opinion too unoriginal and sedate in speed. The graphics are really beautiful and the accompanying music also not bad but concerning the gameplay it is more a scarce meal that is supposed to be hidden with a high difficulty grade. 5 out of 10 points."

TheRyk: "With Maniacs of Noise Hewson hired the best SID music team money could buy for a visually nice game. There are some good ideas like the spring-board or the honey show with the insects. But the never ending respawn of enemy sprites increases the level of difficulty at some stages and is just enervating in a more harmless way elswhere which spoils longtime fun. However, audiovisual performance and atmosphere are just enough to rate this game 6 points."


Screenshot comparison of the 8 bit conversions[edit]

Amstrad CPC version.
C64 version.
ZX Spectrum version.

Screenshot comparison of the 16 bit conversions[edit]

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) (Elf with additional clothing)
Amiga version.
Atari ST version.






Topscore of FXXS
  1. FXXS - 45.825 (05.07.2014)
  2. Werner - 42.400 (15.06.2011)
  3. TheRyk - 15.375 (23.06.2013)
  4. Robotron2084 - 15.350 (15.06.2011)

#2 Werner #3 TheRyk
#2 Werner #3 TheRyk


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