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Jeroen Godfried Tel
Jeroen Tel in 2008
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Alias: WAVE, JT, Scoop
Birth Year: 1972
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Nationality: Dutch
  • Musiker
  • Programmierer
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Jeroen Godfried Tel, who also uses the alias WAVE, is a Dutch programmer and composer for computer music. He wrote music for many C64 games in the 1980s and 1990s.

Jeroen Tel's career as a computer musician began in the mid-1980s. He passionately wrote musical demos. Back then, he used the aliases JT and Scoop.

When his musical skills with the Commodore 64 were matured sufficiently, he founded the group Maniacs of Noise in 1987 ((MoN) (members included Matt Gray, Johannes Bjerregaard and Charles Deenen)). Success did not take long. The tracks released by Tel's C64 demo group became very popular among the scene.

He then began to compose music for computer games, as well. During the following years, he wrote music for many popular C64 games.

Jeroen Tel also composed music for games on many other platforms, includingAmiga, Super Nintendo, SEGA Mega Drive and Playstation.

Tel started a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 in order to produce a remix album of his best C64 tracks. The project, called "Tel Me More" had funding goal of $38.911 - a number, which definitely should ring a bell with every C64 user. 699 people supported Tel with a total amount of $27.420, which was enough for Tel to release the album.

Music for C64 games (Excerpt)[edit]

An animation from the game "Hawkeye".
An animation from the game "Turbo Out Run".


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