Las Vegas Casino

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Las Vegas Casino
Title screen from the game Las Vegas Casino
Game No. 480
Developer Kevin Franklin
Publisher Zeppelin Games
Musician Adam Gilmore
Release 1989
Platform C64
Genre Gambling, Casino
Gamemode Single player
Operation C64-icon.png {{{Width}}}{{{Width}}}
Media Icon disk525.pngTape-icon.png
Language Language:english


Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
5.36 points at 14 votes (rank 783).
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C64Games 7 3rd May 2009 - "very good" - 550 downs
ZZap64 34% Issue 89/06


If you love Casinos you will find an ideal game here. You need to prove your abilities in gambling in "Black Jack", "Baccarat", "Roulette" and "Craps". Did you make the right bet? Do you have the 21?

Black Jack: The aim of the game is to get closer to the 21 with two or more cards than the croupier without surpassing the value of 21 points. The values of the single cards: Aces count one or eleven points at will. Twos to tens count as indicated, face cards (king, queen, jack) are ten points. Black Jack is a combination of 21 points consisting of the first two cards, so Ace and Ten, or Ace and Face Card and is the best outcome.

Baccarat: The aim of this game is to reach nine points with one or two cards or at least get closer to the nine points than the opponent. The way to count the cards is: Ace one point, two to nines are two to nine points, tens and faces are, however, zero points. If the cards make a sum of ten or more points, only the unit position counts; i.e. if a player has a seven und a five, this will count (7 + 5 = 12) two points; if a player has a six and a four, this will be (6 + 4 = 10) zero points or „Baccarat“.

Roulette: The rules of the game should be known. Use the joystick to choose the different possibilites of staking, then press the fire button. Now the chip can be moved with the joystick and fixed with the fire button. Finally the amount of the stake is set. There can be up to four stakes.

Craps: Craps is a dice game, which is very popular especially in the USA. You throw the dice with a press on the fire button. There are 7 different bets: Field Bet: Numbers on the dice 5, 6, 7, 8 means you have lost. Numbers 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 are a simple win. Numbers 2, 12 is double-win. Further bets are : Big 6, Big 8, Pass Line Bet, Don't pass Line Bet.


The graphics are very simple. But Zeppelin Games has made more of litte. Respect! The sound is fun and makes you wish for more.

Black Jack

...lost it all


In the title menu (see above) choose the desired game with the joystick in port 2 (UP /DOWN - and confirm with the FIRE BUTTON). Then you get into the stake menu. There you can either place chips of 1, 10, 100 or 1000. LEFT /RIGHT with the joystick chooses the area and UP/DOWN the number of chips. With the FIRE BUTTON you get into the chosen game. There are different options per game. (To start a game at roulette you need to press the SPACE key). After each game you get back to the stake menu. From there you can return to the title menu with the key "Q" to choose a different game.

Black Jack - animation


  • If you want to keep your money you should, as in real life, avoid trying to gamble, because also in this game you can go broke faster than you can imagine. However, you are awarded with a nice final screen in return...



Örg: "Aaaahh. I once loaded the game when I was 5 years old (now I am 11) and I could not figure it out. Then I have loaded it again a few days ago and this time I got the hang of it. In my opinion, the game is one which everyone should have a look at. The game does not get the full 10 points from me because of the dreary graphics. I say 9.5 points."

Sledgie: "A perfect casino simulation for the C64. The game is well-suited to test the gambles to death without any financial losses. E.g. I have reached my highscore with the "doubling" strategy. This can also go wrong. Suited to look at it shortly, however, without long time motivation. The game gets a 2 which in my table is 8.5 points."



"Cover" of the game Las Vegas Casino


Topscore of PAT
  1. PAT - $ 46.563 (27.02.2017)
  2. Örg - $ 26.660 (15.03.2005)
  3. FXXS - $ 21.800 (25.10.2013)
  4. Sledgie - $ 6.720 (15.03.2005)

#2 Örg #3 FXXS
#2 Örg #3 FXXS