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THEVIC20 box front
Producer: Retro Games Ltd.
Price: 119.99 US$; 109.99 £; 119,99 €
Released: 2019
Processor: ARM
Memory: 64 KByte, upgradeable
OS: Linux
  • Delivered under the license of Cloanto Corporation
  • Uses VICE for emulation
  • Special version of THEC64

THEVIC20 is an ARM-CPU-based game console that runs via VICE under Linux VIC20 and C64 games and programs with a full-size functional VIC20 keyboard. The console can be connected to any modern TV with an HDMI interface. In that sense, it is a limited edition of the THEC64 in the VIC20 design. Also the included THEC64 joystick was color matched to the VIC-20 design.

This new retro project was announced by company Retro Games Ltd. in June 2020 through retro computer and computing websites with the sales notice for October 2020.[1] THEVIC20 has been on sale since Oct 23, 2020 through Amazon worldwide.

The THEVIC20 is not a replica of the VIC-20, which was marketed in Germany as the VIC-20, even if the case resembles the original VIC-20! The hardware is more like a mini-PC; the VIC20 or C64 software is only executed via software-based emulation, thus the approach of the THEVIC20 is similar to that of the RetroPie project.

Accordingly, the THEVIC20 does not offer a user port, IEC port or expansion port. This distinguishes the device from similar projects like the C64DTV or the Ultimate 64, whose hardware are new developments, but which are strongly based on that of the C64 and are partly compatible on the hardware level.

The THEVIC20 offers a total of 64 built-in classic games, of which 27 games are VIC20 game classics like and 37 games are C64 game classics Gridrunner and Psychedelia. It should be noted that two VIC20 games were already shipped in the THEC64, so only 25 new VIC20 games are included here.

According to the packaging, there is a VIC20 or VC20 mode, as well as a C64 mode with BASIC V2, in addition to the game carousel (C64 Games or Carousel Mode).

The THEVIC20 project was designed in the UK and produced in China.

Included Games[edit | edit source]

The following 64 classic C64 games from the game companies of Epyx, Gremlin Graphics, Hewson, Thalamus and The Bitmap Brothers are included:[2].

Unlike its predecessor THEC64, some games have been replaced with 25 VC20 games. These are marked in the table as New (N)'!



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