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My first computer was a VIC 20 with Datasette, that must have been around 1982. A bit later I added a floppy Commodore 1541 and a monitor Commodore 1084, before then changing to the C64. Later I added the printer MPS-801 and a hardware fast loader. I used the C64 until the end of the 1980's.

On both computers I programmed in BASIC, and on the C64 also in Assembler. The most notable results were published by Markt & Technik, including Tegra as Listing des Monats in 64'er 10/1987, SID-Monitor, Dungeon and Oszi 64.

Of course I also used the C64 for gaming, in the later years mostly RPGs. In the Power Play magazine were published some of my game tips and solutions, including for Ultima V – Warriors of Destiny as Tip des Monats in Power Play 4/1989.

I also liked ripping the music out of games - I think the music was often the best part of the game.

At the beginning of the 1990's I then moved on to the Amiga on which I also developed a couple of programmes. These I published as Public Domain Software on Fred Fish Disks.

Because of university and then professional life, unfortunately my leisure programming and gaming activities gradually went down to near-zero today. But now and then I still play a MMORPG.

More on my programmes is available on the following page: Michael Gentner

The following games I completed on the C64 (in alphabetic order):