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Markt & Technik Verlags AG
Markt & Technik Verlags AG Logo
Founded 1976
Closed 2013
Headquarters Germany
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Sector Computer books and magazines

The German company "Markt & Technik Verlags AG" (short: Markt & Technik, abbr. M&T) was a publisher for German technical books, also computer books.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 1980's was published the German home computer magazines "64'er", "Happy Computer", "Computer Persönlich" or "Power Play" and also a lot of computer books for C64/128, Amiga, Atari, etc.

In 1994 the management changed to the Paramount Publishing Deutschland GmbH in Roedermark, that is a German subsidiary company of Paramount Publishing Inc. in US.

Since the 1990's the computer magazine business was seperate in an own company Magna Media AG and in 1998 transfered to the publisher WEKA Verlag. In 2000 the computer game magazines like "Power Play" and "PC-Player" was sold to the German publisher Future Verlag (a subsidiary company of Future plc in UK). The Future Verlag was closed in 2001 and these computer game magazines was canceled.

Until 2000 M&T published also a lot of German computer game books for computer systems like the book series "MogelPower" and hint books for PC and video games.

M&T was closed in 2013.

Books[edit | edit source]

C64 (abridgement)[edit | edit source]

Other Commodore computer systems[edit | edit source]

Bookware series[edit | edit source]

This books with software was sold uner 100 DM (today: under 50 €):

Software[edit | edit source]

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