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In the computer scene is an easter egg a hidden message or surprise, an inside joke, extra functions or levels, special rewards, which isn't documented or/and hidden. The easter eggs have very imaginative or funny mentions or innuendoes to the authors, coders, developers, creators, etc. of the soft- or hardware.

The first easter eggs are build-in in computer games. In the last years the easter eggs are often used in diverse computer programs as applications or operating systems. Easter eggs are also used on websites.

The first time that an easter eggs was inside a program, was in the computer game Adventure [1], which was programmed for the game console Atari 2600 in 1978. The author of the game Warren Robinett is the innovator of the famous easter eggs.

No Easter Eggs[edit]

A misinterpration of pretended easter eggs in computer games are:

  • Undocumented Schummelfunktionen, e.g. key combinations for level jump or secret POKEs for extra lives or more live engergy.
  • For the normal user useless hidden functions in applications, which are helpful for IT-profis
  • some malware like computer virus, worms and trojan, which destroy user datas or spy his privacy.

This is a list of easter eggs for the C64:


Easter egg in C64-BASIC 2.0

Try it yourself, write after the key combinations RUN/STOP  + RESTORE  this:


It appears an absurd and randomize listing of the char ? (look screenshot). Stop this with pressing the keys RUN/STOP  + RESTORE  or use a reset.


  • Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior: The coders design the sprite of princess Mariana naked, but it isn't used in the game. With a cracked version of the group "Remember" you can used these special sprite in the game. It must be acivated in the cheat menu.
  • California Games: If you wait to long in level discus, a ufo kidnap you. Other hidden jokes are also inside the game.
  • Goldshaft
  • Gremlins – The Adventure
  • Summer Games and Summer Games II: By pressing the key combination F3 +DEL +CRSR down  an alternative start screen appears.
  • The Games – Summer Edition
  • Mega Apocalypse: By pressing a key combination you start the "star mode for insomniacs".
  • Spindizzy: At a special corner on the map you see the word "HAWK WIND".
  • World Games: By input the first names "AUTHOR" and "OFTHEGAME", apperas a small animation in the levels "Barrel Jumping" or "Bull Riding".
  • Zak McKracken: The famous red herring is the petrol can on the Mars, which is needed for the chain saw in Maniac Mansion.
  • In many text- and graphic adventures: The frustating input of four-letter words in the command line show ironic comments.




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