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Logo of Group (test image)
Founded 2020
Sector Software, preservation and graphics
* Special features: graphics, NTSC-focused software
Info Founded by C64/C128 users from the 1980s.

Kraksnax (aka KSX) is a contemporary Commodore 64 NTSC-focused software, graphics preservation, cracking, restoration group and website. Releases are particularly created on and produced for NTSC experience, although most often compatible with PAL machines. Releases always provide disk format but also .tap and .prg format, when applicable, and usually feature newly created intro graphics as well as program-format documentation or even game modifications. Kraksnax also produces new software and even games based on, or expanded from vintage sources (redux), and various restoration. Additionally the group release traditional 'cracks' or software repackaged with the intention towards incorporating various alternative, beneficial elements or for purposes of preservation in the contemporary age.

Process[edit | edit source]

(7-2021) Most software, especially 'cracks' of pre-existing vintage software, are almost always executed and tested on generally: one of 5 C64 Breadbin models, both US and Canadian NTSC; 1541/1571 model disk drives; C2N 1530 or Data Master datasette models and through a plethora of vintage techniques, hardware and software. Currently, the group is open to collaboration, processing, testing and packaging of any creator's new work and be reached through their website.

Company history[edit | edit source]

Initial members are longtime Commodore 64/128 users whose interest and use of Commodore computers dates back to 1982, including involvement in various areas of its history from underground BBS to typical hobbyist interests. Graphician Mo, the group's original founder (aka Mo Dernart) has provided all front-end graphics for the group's releases to-date (Summer 2021) along with the recoding of a couple games. Current membership includes: Mo Dernart, Josey Wales, Rawchild, Eldiron and Dr. Funkenstein. The original moniker of the group's name, as present on a few initial releases was "Mo's Kraksnax." This has been followed by simply "Kraksnax or KSX," but also "Kraksnax krakings" or other derivatives.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Kraksnax (KSX) releases
Cat # Title Date Type
KSX01 Paradroid 5-2020 Graphic(c)/Linked Vintage 80s Crack
KSX02 Rabbit Pie 5-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack/Restoration of Corrupted 80s Crack
KSX03 Fort Django 5-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX04 Sweet Sixteen 5-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX05 Dr. Pimple's Dog 5-2020 Graphic(cs)/KSX Crack
KSX06 Motor Maniac 7-2020 Graphic/Game Mod/KSX Crack (Joy Swap)
KSX07 One on One 7-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack (Joy Swap)
KSX08 Voice Racquetball 7-2020 Graphic(cs)/KSX Crack
KSX09 Cyborg '82 7-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack/Disks
KSX10 Joust 7-2020 Graphic/Contemporary Re-crack
KSX11 Qwak 7-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX12 Wyr 7-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX13 The Pyramid 7-2020 Graphic(cs)/KSX Crack
KSX14 C(64)Hunt 7-2020 Title/Graphic/Game Mod/Expanded Redux
KSX15 Oils Well 7-2020 Graphic/Linked Vintage 80s Crack
KSX16 Lords of Karma 9-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX17 Snake Plissken - Die Klapperschlange 9-2020 Graphic/Hypra-Load 2020
KSX18 Bounces 9-2020 Graphic repaint/KSX Crack
KSX19 Planet Balls 11-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX20 Dots 11-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX21 Tetris 11-2020 Graphic/Game Mod
KSX22 Moebius (Infinite) 11-2020 Graphic repaint/Linked Vintage 80s Crack
KSX23 Mission Om 11-2020 Graphic(c)/Docs/KSX Crack/Extras
KSX24 Space Planters 12-2020 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX25 Trolls and Tribulations 12-2020 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX26 Space Firehawk 3-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX27 indoctrination 5-2021 Graphic/Mini-game (text)
KSX28 Gruds in Space 6-2021 Graphic(c)/Docs/KSX Crack
KSX29 Reactor Run 6-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX30 Worron 6-2021 2x Graphic/2x KSX Crack
KSX31 Castle Blackstar 7-2021 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX32 Mad Nurse 7-2021 Graphic repaint/KSX Crack
KSX33 Microdot 7-2021 Graphic/Docs/Original Game/Extras: Vintage Cracks
KSX34 Magic Mushrooms 7-2021 Title/Graphic/Docs/Game Mod/Expanded Redux
KSX35 Slither Re/dux: Treasures of the Baghdad Palace 9-2021 Game Light Mod/Redux of Ahoy!'s Slither
KSX36 B.C.'s Quest for Tires 11-2021 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack (of NTSC Release/Version)
KSX37 Candy Bandit 11-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX38 Bagman Comes Back 11-2021 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX39 Petscii Portal 12-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX40 Tenebra 12-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX41 Tag-Team Wrestling 12-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX42 Black Hole 12-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack/Cruncher Mod that does and may change game border color randomly.
KSX43 Pro Boxing 12-2021 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX44 Elidon 1-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX45 War Play 1-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX46 Burnin Rubber 1-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSXJ22 Alice - Reflection On The Glass 1-2022 Demo
KSX47 Save New York 1-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX48 The Final Programme 1-2022 Graphic/Graphical Random Generator/Game Mod/Expanded Redux
KSX49 Miner 2049'er 1-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX50 Triaxos 2-2022 Dox/Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX51 Hover Bovver 2-2022 "US-Canadian Edition"/Mod/KSX Crack
KSX52 C(64)Hunt v1.1 2-2022 Title Graphic Screens/Game Mod/Expanded Redux
KSX53 Pitstop II 2-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX54 The Scrolls of Abadon 2-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX55 Ball 2-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX56 Enigma 2-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX57 Saracen 2-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSXJ23 A Clockwork Orange 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ24 Billion $ Babies 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ25 Joey 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ26 Return To Triton 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ27 Dr. Funkenstein 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ28 The Living Stone 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ29 New Serf Dom 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ30 Pervers Juliet 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ31 Starchild 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ32 Traum Wölfe 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ33 The New Flesh 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ34 Kwik Tune 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ35 Fluff 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ36 Greatest Petscii Ever 3-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSX58 Hypa-Ball 3-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX59 Seesaw 4-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSXJ37 Life 4-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSX60 Alice in Wonderland 4-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX61 Apple Cider Spider 4-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX62 Alcazar 4-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack + Dox
KSXJ38 Der Todesking 4-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ39 Ancient Slavic Girl 4-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ40 Liar 5-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ41 Angel 5-2022 Graphic/Music Demo
KSXJ42 Hi 5-2022 Graphic/Music/Text Demo
KSX63 Infernal Runner 5-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX64 Spare Change 6-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX65 Last Gladiator 6-2022 Graphic(c)/Orion Crack/Disk
KSX66 Hot Wingbatz 6-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack/Re-publish
KSX67 Poing Ultra 7-2022 Graphic/Link intro
KSX68 Tenebra (Extended) 7-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSX69 Be A Bear 7-2022 Graphic/KSX Crack
KSXJ43 Android Phil 7-2022 Graphic/Music/Text Demo
KSX70 Mille & Molly 7-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack (v1.1)
KSX71 The Causes of Chaos 7-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX72 The Exterminator 7-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSX73 Gyroscope 8-2022 Graphic(c)/KSX Crack
KSXJ44 Dragon Bate 10-2022 Graphic/Music/Text Demo
KSX74 Weather War III 10-2022 Graphic/KSX Mod/Crack/40th Anniversary Ed.
KSX75 Guntus 10-2022 Graphic/KSX Mod (Joyswap/Movement)/Crack
  • (c) koala painted/converted from original retail art/promo/other for special preservation release.
  • (cs) koala painted/converted from other system (ie. zx spectrum).

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