Future Games 64 (Collection)

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Future Games 64 packing

The computer games collection Future Games 64 is a games collection on datasette and diskette, which was included in the C64 package of the same name.

The C64 package consisted of the games collection, a C64 II and the floppy 1541 II, as well as a Spectravideo Quickshot joystick. It was released in 1987 and published by Commodore. The original price was 599 DM.

The games collection contains the following games (the games collection Power Pack 10, by Rushware, contains the same games):

Disk version[edit]

Disk 1 side A[edit]

Zoids.png Zoids1.png

Soloflight.png Soloflight1.png

Madness.png Madness1.png

Disk 1 side B[edit]

Fist2.png Fist21.png


  • Exploding Fist Tournament (Fighting sport)

Disk 2 side A[edit]

Uchimata.png Uchimata1.png

Magicmadness.png Magicmadness1.png

War.png War1.png

Disk 2 side B[edit]

Suicidevoyage.png Suicidevoyage1.png

Speedboadrace.png Speedboadrace1.png

Missionelevator.png Missionelevator1.png


The package:

Future Games 64 package