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Future Games 64 packing

The computer games collection Future Games 64 is a games collection on datasette and diskette, which was included in the C64 package of the same name.

The C64 package consisted of the games collectiong, a C64 II and the floppy 1541 II, as well as a Spectravideo Quickshot joystick. It was released in 1987 and published by the company Commodore. The original price was 599,- DM.

The games collection contains the following games (the games collection Power Pack 10, by Rushware, contains the same games):

Disk version[edit]

Disk 1 side A[edit]

Zoids.png Zoids1.png

Soloflight.png Soloflight1.png

Madness.png Madness1.png

Disk 1 side B[edit]

Fist2.png Fist21.png


  • Exploding Fist Tournament (Fighting sport)

Disk 2 side A[edit]

Uchimata.png Uchimata1.png

Magicmadness.png Magicmadness1.png

War.png War1.png

Disk 2 side B[edit]

Suicidevoyage.png Suicidevoyage1.png

Speedboadrace.png Speedboadrace1.png

Missionelevator.png Missionelevator1.png


The package:
Future Games 64 package