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The term floppy is most frequent used as a short form of floppy disk drive, less often as the short form of floppy disk.

Disk drives for the C64/VC20/C128/C16[edit | edit source]

The standard disk drive for the C64 is the 1541, but the 1570, 1571, 1581 and the SFC-1002 as well run with a C64. You can also connect drives equipped with an IEEE-488 (GPIB) port, e.g. the SFD-1001, via the cartridge port and an IEEE-488 interface cartridge.

The VC-20 standard drive is the VIC-1540 which can only be used with this computer. For the C128 it is the 1570/71. The C16/116 or the Plus/4 use the 1551, so to speak a VC-1541 with parallel port.

Commodore disk drives can be connected with an adapter cable (see X1541) to a PC.

New Hardware

Microcontrollers and FPGAs are so cheap and fast nowadays that it is possible to build an "alternative floppy" with a relatively small amount of parts. Most frequently SD cards instead of diskettes are used as storage media for this alternative solution.

Additional disk drives by Commodore[edit | edit source]

With IEEE-488 connector - for PET- and CBM Computers[edit | edit source]

For Amiga Computers[edit | edit source]

Third party disk drives[edit | edit source]

Amtech[edit | edit source]

Blue Chip Electronics, Inc.[edit | edit source]

Cardco, Inc[edit | edit source]

CMD[edit | edit source]

  • FD-2000 3,5"-Floppy with 1600 KBytes storage capacity
  • FD-2000 Dual two 3,5"-Floppy with 1600 KBytes storage capacity
  • FD-4000 3,5"-Floppy with 3200 KBytes storage capacity

Elite[edit | edit source]

  • DS-64 5,25"-Floppy for C64

Tussy Computer Products[edit | edit source]

Blue Chip Electronics, Inc.[edit | edit source]

HBH Sales Company[edit | edit source]

World Disk Drives[edit | edit source]

The Comtel Group, Inc.[edit | edit source]

Indus Systems[edit | edit source]

MSD Systems, Inc.[edit | edit source]

  • SD1 / Super Disk Drive 5,25"-Floppy for C64 with serial Bus and parallel port
  • SD2 5,25"-Dual-Floppy for C64 with serial Bus and parallel port

Oceanic Electronics Group[edit | edit source]

  • OC-118N / Excelerator+Plus / FSD-2 5,25"-Floppy for C64
  • OC-168 5,25"-Floppy for C64

REX[edit | edit source]

  • REX 9900 / Floppy 9900 / Master-41 5,25"-Floppy for C64, Oceanic drive

Rossmöller[edit | edit source]

  • Ross-Drive 5,25"-Floppy with parallel interface and own OS, inkompatibel, Oceanic drive

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