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CMD FD-4000
Type: Disk drive
Producer: Creative Micro Designs
Released: 1993
Discontinued: 2001
Processor: 4MHz Rockwell R65C02P4
OS: JiffyDOS
Info: Related product: FD-2000

The FD-4000 or CMD FD-4000 was a 3 1/2"floppy disk drive made by Creative Micro Designs in 1993. It is superior to the 1581 in that it can utilize high density (HD) diskettes for 1.6 Megabytes, or extra high density (ED) diskettes for 3.2 Megabytes of storage, while retaining compatibility with standard double density 1581 disks.

The drive has a 1581 compatibility mode, as well as a CMD partition mode. In partition mode, the drive can support up to 31 partitions of any combination of 1541, 1571, 1581, and native CMD partition types (which includes full subdirectory support).

Technical Featurers[edit]

  • fully compatible with all Commodore serial IEC computers
  • 1581 mode and CMD partition mode
  • supports 1581 burst mode
  • contains built-in JiffyDos
  • offers a real time clock option
  • has a built in drive # swap option for drive #8 and 9
  • supports device numbers from 8-15 via dip switches.


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