Enhancer 2000

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Enhancer 2000
The Enhancer 2000
Type: Floppy
Producer: The Comtel Group, Inc.
Price: 149 US$
Released: 1985
Discontinued: 1986

The Enhancer 2000 is a 5,25" disk drive for the Commodore 64, but incompatible with fast loaders. The floppy drive was produced by The Comtel Group, Inc. (P.O. Box 15485, Santa Ana, CA 92705).

At the front side are 3 LED (red for BUSY, green for POWER, yellow for ERROR) and a latch lock mechanism. At the back are two connectors for serial IEC-bus cables and a connector for an external power supply.

The extra disk Enhancer 2000 Bonus Disc was sold by Comtel for routine maintenance.

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