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A computer games collection (also named compilation, collection or pack) is the opportunity to buy two or more (good) computer games for a fixed price of e.g. 30 Euros. It offers the producer of games or publisher the occasion to reissue old games after some time and to sell them once more. The buyer has the advantage to spend less money than when buying all the titles individually. Some collections are sorted thematically, e.g. adventure games or sports games, while others contain just top games (votings made by well-known computer magazines as the 64'er, Happy Computer or Power Play) or top sellers. Sometimes you can find a bonus such as caps, or t-shirts inside.

It often happens that games collecton with a certain topic by different publishers carry similar titles such as e.g. Action Pack. There is also the chance that the same games collection are released with different titles and designs in different states - oas e.g. C64 Commodore Cartridge Box (Cartridge Collection) or for different computer systems - sometimes in a only slighty changed form as e.g. Addicted to Fun - Ninja Collection

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