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Quickshot was a series of joystick models by the company Spectravideo, which were produced by Bondwell. At the end of the 80s the joysticks were also sold by Bondwell. The Quickshot joysticks are well-known for their characteristic click sound when moving the stick. This results from the click switch with has a clip which is often the reason for the defect of a Quickshot joystick when this clip breaks. The disadvantage of the Quickshot and Quickjoy Joysticks is the relative lack of robustness due to the click switches. With the rising spread of PCs the product range was expanded also to MIDI keyboards and computer mice.

The Quickshot I and II model series were often copied by other manufacturers. This reflects their popularity. The Quickshot joysticks were the most popular joysticks after the Competition Pro. According to the manufacturer's data, 42 million Quickshot joysticks were sold until 1999.


Quickshot I 1982[edit]

Quickshot I

A low priced joystick, which created a good feeling while playing with the simplest technique. An ergonomically shaped holder with fire button and a second fire button on the console, that lies well in the hand, as well as precise controls withouth notching or clicking are the main reasons for its popularity next to the low price. The disadvantage of this model is its relative lack of robustness.

Quickshot II 1983[edit]

Quickshot II

The Quickshot II is a good joystick which lies well in the hand. Even big hands do not have any problems with this model. The holder lies excellently in the hand. The fire buttons are also very comfortable to use. The stand is now missing the second fire button. This was given to the stick as a trigger switch. Also, the stand has now a switch for permanent fire.

Quickshot II Plus 1984[edit]

Quickshot II Plus

The Quickshot II Plus owns for the first time the due to the sound characteristic click switches.

Quickshot II Turbo 1985[edit]

Quickshot II Turbo

The Quickshot II Turbo is the consequent sequel in the Quickshot series. The stick was not changed but the stand. This is now made of red plastic and has black areas which are supposed to create grip for the hands. The auto fire switch has now the setting to use this joystick with a CPC or as usual with the C64 or Amiga using the permanent fire. Concerning the quality, this is the best Quickshot from the II series. This joystick was also sold under the label Sigma.

Quickshot III 1983[edit]

The Quickshot III has a number pad and can by this be used with the Colecovision. This model can also be used with the C64 and Amiga, but the keypad has then no function.

Quickshot IV[edit]

One console, three holders. The console reminds one of the QS I and can be fitted with one of three provided sticks. This should enable the adaption to the different demands of several games.

Quickshot V[edit]

The Quickshot V is similar to the Quickshot III and intended for the use at an MSX computer.

Quickshot VI[edit]

Quickshot VII[edit]

Quickshot VII

The Quickshot VII is a kind of touchpad. It is used with the thumb. The fire buttons are controlled with the thumb or respectively the index finger of the other hand.
Both fire buttons are equipped with permanent fire which however cannot be switched off. Two red LEDs flash in the rhythm of the permanent fire when keeping the fire button pressed.
The board is equipped with 4 metal tongue contacts and 2 clickers (click switches) as in the models I and II.

Quickshot VIII[edit]

At the very most it has a certain resemblance with the QuickShot IX and stands out very much from the rest of the QuickShot series. Instead of a hand-sized ball that you can topple, this joystick had a kind of mushroom or puck that fits into the inner side of the hand. To the left and right the firebuttons were embedded, so you could press them with the thumb or the little finger.

The joystick needed getting used to. You put the hand from the top and only toppled it slightly into the desired direction. The fire buttons were also aligned unusually, in comparison to other joysticks. Same as the QuickShot IX this joystick was also equipped with micro switches.

I never got the hang of using this joystick but it was the favourite joystick of a friend of mine. He was almost unbeatable in many games with this joystick. In his opinion, the short way from the neutral position to the switch was absolutely perfect for a fast reaction. The joystick was commercially a flop and disappeared rather fast from the shops. As a supply shortfall got visible, my friend stored some of them.

Quickshot IX (Sigma) 1982[edit]

The Quickshot IX looks like a trackball in the colours bright grey/dark grey and black/red, but in reality it is just a normal joystick, on which the stick was replaced by a hemisphere. The hemisphere cannot be turned but only toppled into the desired direction. The joystick is equipped with micro switches.

Under the label Sigma the same model was sold in the colours black/red.


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