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Cross assembler Relaunch64.

A cross assembler is an assembler, which is running on a host platform like MS-DOS, Windows or Linux and generates a machine code for another destination platform (for example for a C64). This process is called also cross development.

Here an overview about a few cross assembler of the C64:

  • ACME: Free developemnet for the platforms AmigaOS, DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix and RISC OS.
  • cc65: An open source C-Compiler for C64, VC20, Atari, etc. including a macro assembler.
  • DASM: Developed by Matt Dillon.
  • K2X-Tools: An open source cross assembler and more; last version in 2004 (compiler for Linux and Windows).
  • KickAssembler (also short known as "KickAss"): Java based cross assembler by Camelot, runs under als java based OS like Windows, Linux, OS X, etc.
  • Relaunch64 is a Java text editor for coding assembler for a C64. It doesn't replaced an cross assembler, but it is a tool for comfortably programming.
  • 64Tass/6502Tass: Another native "Turbo Assembler", developed for DOS (6502Tass), later also for Unix, Linux and Windows32 (64Tass).
  • vasm (vbcc): A cross assembler for MOS 6502 compatible CPUs.
  • xa: A multi pass cross assembler for 8-bit CPUs of 6502 series (6502, 65C02, 6504, 6507, 6510, 7501, 8500, 8501 and 8502), also Rockwell R65C02, and 16-bit 65816 CPU.
  • WLA DX: A macro cross assembler for GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 and platforms AmigaOS 1-3 (680x0), AmigaOS 4 (PPC), Linux, Unix, MS-DOS, Windows, devloped by Ville Helin.

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