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Developer John R. Dunning
Ullrich von Bassewitz
Oliver Schmidt
Release 1999
Licence zlib License (source)
CC-BY 3.0 (documentation)
Platform AmigaOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and QNX.
Genre Compiler, Assembler
Operation C64-icon.png
Media Source code
Language(s) Language:english

cc65 is a cross development tool for any 6502 based computer, including the Commodore 64. The cc65 package includes a C language cross compiler, linker, and macro assembler. The cc65 compiler has been in continuous development as an open source project since 1999 started by Ullrich von Bassewitz. However, its roots go back even farther to a Small C compiler written by John R. Dunning for the Atari 8-bit line of computers.

Once released as an open source project the code-base began to quickly evolve. Consequently, the C compiler became more robust and is now nearly ANSI C compatible. Further, the total number of available target platforms quickly ballooned.

Supported Platforms[edit]

Commodore Machines[edit]

Non-Commodore Computers[edit]

  • Atari 600/700 family of computers
  • Apple II family of computers, including GEOS support
  • Oric Atmos computer
  • Oric Telestrat computer

6502-Based Consoles[edit]

  • Atari 2600 console
  • Atari 5200 console
  • Bit Corporation Gamate handheld console
  • NEC PC-Engine console
  • Nintendo Entertainment System console
  • Watara Supervision handheld console
  • VTech Creativision console
  • Lynx handheld console

As of 2013 Ullrich von Bassewitz stepped away from the project and Oliver Schmidt, a longtime contributor, took over the the project. The source code and revision history is now available on GitHub. The most significant outstanding issue for cc65 remains the lack of floating point arithmetic support in the math library. Support for 32 bit floating point arithmetic remains a stated goal of the project in the project roadmap.

Aside from this, the C compiler included with cc65 is able to fully utilize all of the C64's custom chips via the <c64.h> header. The <conio.h> header provides for text based console output, and the <tgi.h> library provides for access to the VIC-II's graphics features. Other additional libraries provide support for joysticks, mice, serial communication, and expanded memory.


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