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Developer Mads Nielsen (Camelot)
Release 2003, 2006
Platform Java 8.x program for Windows, Linux, OS X
Genre Assembler
Operation C64-icon.png
Language(s) Language:english
Information Current Version: V4.19 (28.01.2018)

Kick Assembler (short known as "KickAss") is the combination of an assembler for doing 6510 machine code and a high level script language for programming assembler programs on modern computer systems known as cross-developement.

The assembler has all the features of a modern assembler like macros, illegal and C64DTV opcodes and commands for unrolling loops. It also has features like pseudo commands, import of SID files, import of standard graphic formats and support for 3rd party Java plugins. The script language makes it easy to generate data for your programs. This could be data such as sine waves, coordinates for a vector object, or graphic converters. The script language and the assembler is integrated.


The coding language Java 8.x or higher must installed by using KickAss 4.x on a computer system.


For assembling your first assembler program like "firstassembler" go to a command prompt and write:

java –jar kickass.jar firstassembler.asm

KickAss knows a lot of options for assembling (see chapter "Quick Reference - 1. Command Line Options" in the webmanual).

java –jar kickass.jar –options myCode.asm

Ideas & Bugs[edit]

If you see bugs or have other ideas, please mail to the author: