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The English printed C64 fanzine Freeze 64 in DIN A5 format is published regularly (monthly to tri-monthly) by the British C64 fan Vincenzo "Vinny" Mainolfi. As of 2023 at least 62 issues have been published since the first edition in 2016. Older issues can also be ordered online in PDF format. The price varies slightly for UK and EU subscriptions (slightly more expensive than UK) and PDF issues (cheapest option).

In addition, two special issues have been published.

The content consists of a mixture of features such as interviews with developers of new and classic games, reviews, tips, guides and so on.

Issues[edit | edit source]

There is always a focus in a Freeze 64 issue, such as a computer game or a publisher, etc. Examples from early issues include:

  1. Monty on the Run
  2. Bruce Lee
  3. Ghosts'n Goblins
  4. The Bear Essentials
  5. Hunchback
  6. Mastertronic Special
  7. Wizball
  8. Maze of The Mummy
  9. Dizzy / Codemasters
  10. "Celebrating 10 issues!"
  11. Gribbly's Day Out
  12. The Way of the Exploding Fist

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