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This area provides links to known coding languages for the Commodore 64. This includes low-level machine languages (Assembler) up to high-level languages such as BASIC, C, Cobol, Comal, Forth, Fortran, Logo, Pascal, PL/1 or Algol.

Coding languages are instructions for the computer hardware to perform certain tasks. In one way, it could be considered the mode of behavior in which the computer operates-giving directions for doing certain tasks if certain conditions are met.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Coding and modify a BASIC program

In Commodore computers is CBM-BASIC using as OS and also as coding language:

Thereas in other computers is often needed a source code editor and a compiler (together known as developer kit) for programming high-level languages.

You can start programming on your C64 directly by typing the BASIC commands with a line number:

10 X = 0: X$ = "*** MY FIRST PROGRAM ***"
20 POKE 53281,X: POKE 53280, X+1: PRINT: X = X + 1
30 IF X = 30 THEN PRINT TAB(8) X$
40 IF X < 100 THEN 20

Written BASIC programs can be saved with the BASIC command SAVE, started with RUN or deleted with NEW. The whole program can be shown on screen with LIST. You can directly modify a written BASIC program through overwritting by using the editor keys: cursor keys, home, insert/del, space and a following return key.

Do you need more infos, also see C64-Commands.

Links[edit | edit source]

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