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This category organizes the reserved keywords in Commodore BASIC V2, into five different classes:

  • Commands are the "verbs", like e.g. PRINT or SAVE: In principle any BASIC command begins with one of these words, but since the LET keyword is optional, a command may begin with a variable name in an assignment.
  • Operators, like AND (BASIC), but also arithmetic operators, like the "plus" sign for addition: They accept to numerical terms, one preceeding it, the other trailing it, and returns a result.
  • Functions, like e.g. LOG or MID$ accept one or more numerical or string terms (variables or expressions), process them in some way and returns a result, which can be part of a larger expression, printed on screen, stored to a variable etc.
  • System variables are variables that are used to "convey" specific information to/from the system: They cannot be used like ordinary variables, but provide some special features.
  • Miscelaneous keywords are the "bywords"; part of some other command structure. Like e.g. the THEN part of an IF-THEN construct, and the TO and STEP in a FOR-NEXT loop.


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