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Easy Script
Titel screen.
Developer Simon Tranmer
Company Precision Software Limited
Publisher Commodore
Release 1982
Licence Full
Platform VIC-20, C64, C128, Plus/4, PET
Genre Wordprocessor
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon disk525 1.png Icon cartridge.png
Language(s) Language:english

"EASY SCRIPT by Commodore is one of the most powerful word processors available for any microcomputer. It allows you to create, store and modify text easily. This makes EASY SCRIPT ideal for writing reports, letters, books, memos, bulletins, in fact any type of document. The text can be stored on diskette or cassette so that it can be printed or modified as required"[1]

Easy Script was sold alone or in bundles.


  1. Easy Script Manual by Commodore 1982