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A word processor is an application for writing and editing text scripts. This application has more features and functions as a text editor. The advantage of a a word processor is the easy and comfortable handling of long text scripts, which can formatting the font in style (e.g. bold, underlined, cursive), size (in points (pt) or pixel) and type. Also can adding easily pictures in the script. The formatting text is also print as it shown on the screen.

In modern word processor also integrated a makro function for text snippet, a 1:1 screen (WYSIWYG - what yoz see is that you get) or a spell check, which features can also bought as plug-in or seperate program routine on extra floppy disks in the earlier years of word processing.

In older word processors are the max. of written chars limited, because the RAM in old computer and homecomputer systems are also limited! That was also one of the reasons to publish some word processors on cartridges.

The modern word processors also all-round programs, that often is a part of an office system. The plus of this is, that the datas are easily changed through all apllications of an office system. For e.g. the adress can be also copy and input into a data base for printing serial letters and diagrams and data tables can be insert from a spreadsheet program in the word processor. cht in den Text integriert werden.

Text mode

A C64 used also 40 chars in each logical screen line of 25 lines - also 40×25 chars. Later computer systems like the C128 used a text mode of 80×25 chars.

The text mode of 40×25 has the disadvantage, that a C64 only show a half of a DIN A4 site. That was a reason to sell cartridges for a 80-char-mode for the C64. In computer systems with the OS CP/M was the standard text mode 80×25 chars.

Word processors for C64/128[edit]

Word processor Jasword V1.1.
SpeedScript V1.0


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