Superscript 128

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Superscript 128
The loading screen.
Developer S. D. Tranmer, Tom Cranstoun, Malcolm North
Company Precision Software Ltd.
Publisher Precision Software Ltd., Commodore
Release 1985
Licence Full
Platform C64, C128
Genre Word Processor
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language(s) Language:english Language German
Information Backwards Compatible with Easy Script.

Superscript 128 or Script 128 is a word processor for the Commodore 128. There is also a version for the Commodore 64 and for other 8-bit home computers of the era. Superscript 128 is an early example of a software product that was available both as a full version and an in-place upgrade of a previous software product to the current version.

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German version of Superscript 128:

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