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An opened disk image in the emulator VICE.

Disk images are files that contain a stream of bytes representing whole disks in specific formats. These include the D64/D41 format which represents a standard disk formatted for a 1541 disk drive.

Common Disk Images[edit | edit source]

  • D64/D41 - 1541 single-sided disk images for 1541, 1551, 1571 etc. floppies
  • D67 - DOS 1.x disk images (with 670 blocks free after format) as used in the 2040/3040 drives
  • D71 - 1571 double-sided disks for 1571 floppies.
  • D80 - 8050
  • D81 - 1581 double-sided disks
  • D82 - 8250
  • G64 - earlier called "G41", single-sided disks for copy-protected software
  • DNP - CMD File System disks. Includes the CMD HD, CMD RamLink, and CMD FD series devices.
  • D2M/D4M - container for the CMD floppies FD-2000/FD-4000
  • DNP - native partition for a CMD HD, the floppies FD-2000/FD-4000 or RAMLink
  • DHD - container for complex CMD-HD (harddisk), similar to D2M/D4M
  • P64 - used by emulators Micro64 and VICE for copy-protected software
  • FDI - used by emulators Hoxs64 and Micro64 for copy-protected software
  • X64 - special format for different disk images and floppies.
  • M2I - earlier container for MMC2IEC, which didn't support D64 files (not a real file format!)

Other important Commodore Images[edit | edit source]

These file images are also used in various Commodore emulators:

  • PRG - normal program file (two bytes with start address and file data)
  • P00 - program file (similar to PRG, but also includes the original file name)
  • TAP - image for tapes, cassettes or datassettes
  • T64 - another image of datassette
  • CRT - image of a cartridge
  • SID - file for music that uses the MOS 6581/8580 chip
  • VSF - VICE Snapshot File
  • CVT - archive format file for GEOS-VLIR programs and files

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