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Abacus Software
Founded 1978
Headquarters Michigan, U.S.A.
Manager Arnie Lee
Key People (choice) Jim Oldfield, Jr., Roy Wainwright
Sector Books, Software
Website www.abacuspub.com (defunct, via Wayback Machine)
Information Publishing US-Editions of German publisher Data Becker

Abacus Software was founded by Arnie Lee in 1978 as publisher for books and computer software. Abacus Software developed and published high quality software for various computer systems, as well as computer books.

In the 1980's they published computer books for homecomputer as e.g. C64/128 programming languages and applications. Abacus Software cooperated with the German publisher Data Becker for computer books and software to be sold in the USA.

Since the 1990's add-ons for simulator games (for example the Microsoft flight simulator), strategic games, and a few PC applications were developed.

In 2010 Jim Oldfield Jr., who worked for the company since 1988, became publisher and Vice President of Abacus Software.

Abacus Software ceased operations in 2012.

Software[edit | edit source]

Programming Languages:


  • Cadpak, CAD package
  • Chartpak, Chart Package
  • PowerPlan, Spreadsheet
  • PPM, Personal Portfolio Manager
  • TAS, Technical Analysis System
  • XPER, Expert System


Books (selection)[edit | edit source]

C64[edit | edit source]

C128[edit | edit source]

  • Commodore 128 Internals (The Authoritative Insider's Guide)
  • Commodore 128 BASIC 7.0 Internals (Complete BASIC 7.0 listings)
  • Commodore 128 Tricks & Tips (Practical and easy-to-use techniques for C-128)
  • Commodore 128 1571 Internals (The descriptive guide of the 1571)
  • Commodore 128 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Commodore 128 BASIC Training Guide (The definitive BASIC source)
  • Commodore 128 Peeks & Pokes (Useful programming quick-hitters)
  • Commodore 128 CP/M User's Guide (The C-128 CP/M sourcebook)

Amiga[edit | edit source]

  • Amiga for Beginners
  • Amiga C for Beginners
  • Amiga C for Advanced Programmers
  • Amiga Desktop Video Power / With Disk
  • AmigaDOS Quick Reference Guide
  • Amiga Intern
  • Amiga Machine Language
  • Amiga System Programmer's Guide
  • Advanced System Programmer's Guide for the Amiga
  • Amiga 3d Graphics Programming in BASIC
  • Making Music on the Amiga
  • Using Arexx on the Amiga

Inside and Out series

  • AmigaBASIC Inside and Out
  • Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out
  • Amiga DOS Inside and Out
  • Amiga Graphics Inside and Out
  • Amiga Printers: Inside and Out


  • Amiga Tips & Tricks
  • Amiga Tricks & Tips
  • More Tricks and Tips for the Amiga
  • The Best Amiga Tricks & Tips

Distributors[edit | edit source]

The following Abacus Software distributors are known in 1984:

  • Adamsoft (Great Britain, UK)
  • Data Becker (West Germany)
  • Inter. Services (Belguim)
  • Micro Application (France)
  • King Microware Ltd. (Canada)
  • Tial Trading (Sweden)
  • CW Electronics (Australia)
  • Viscount Electronics (New Zealand)

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