Printer Book for the Commodore 64 & VIC-20 (Abacus)

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Printer Book for the Commodore 64 & VIC-20 (Abacus)
Title Cover
Language English
Author(s) R. Bruckmann, K. Gertis, T. Wiens
Publisher Abacus Software
Year 1985
ISBN ISBN 0-916439-08-9
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Pages ?
Last Edition First Printing (April 1985)
Genre Programming, Hardware

Cover (back)[edit | edit source]

This book gives comprehensive coverage of using printers with the Commodore 64 (and VIC-20). You'll learn how to print text as well as high resolution screen dumps. The Commodore printers - 1525, MPS-801 and 1526 are explained in detail. Expanded coverage of the 1520 plotter is also explained. You'll also learn how to work with other printers like the Epson and compatibles. Over 50 example programs are included that demonstrate screen dumps, word processors, 3-D graphics and much more.