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Data Becker
Founded January 1981
Closed 31.03.2014
Headquarters Germany, Düsseldorf
Manager Dr. Achim Becker, Harald Becker
Employees 160
Key People (choice)
Sector Books, Software
Information Cooperation with Abacus Software

Data Becker was a German publisher for computer books and software for a lot of computer systems like C64/128, VIC-20, Amiga, PC, Atari, etc. The publisher Data Becker was closed after 33 years in 2014.

Data Becker was found by Achim and Harald Becker, who are the sons of the car seller Wilhelm Becker (Auto Becker with headquarter in Düsseldorf, insolvency in 2002).

Their first printed computer books was published in 1983. Also was published some computer magazines like DATA WELT (1984-1989) and PC Praxis (07/1988-02/2014). Since 1984 was Data Becker market leader in German computer books in Germany.

Their books and software in English language was translated and sold exclusive by Abacus Software in the USA. Also some of Abacus Software (German Edition) was sold by Data Becker in Germany.

Since the middle of 1990s the selling of books and software for home computers was closed and the main focus was on the PC. The last books and software for the Amiga was sold in 1998.

An overview of German issues of books and software for the home computers is listed in the German Data Becker

After 33 years in business, Data Becker closed down in 2014.

Pictures of Editions[edit | edit source]

A few pictures of computer books and software by Data Becker for the C64:

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