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Image SuperRAM-Card
Type: RAM memory card for SuperCPU
Producer: Creative Micro Designs
Released: 1997
Discontinued: 2001
Memory: can be upgraded to up to 16 Mbytes with PS2 SIMM modules

The SuperRAM card is intended for installation in the SuperCPU and can be upgraded to up to 16 MByte RAM (PS2 SIMM modules). Thanks to the SuperCPU's 24-bit address bus, direct, linear access to the SuperRAM card is faster than a REU based on bank switching. Due to the architecture, only fast page modules may be used. The software enclosed with the SuperRAM card reveals whether you have installed one. Timing (in ms), memory type (FP / DDR), layer (1/2-sided) is read out and displayed. A RAM test is also available.

The game Metal Dust, for example, only requires 4 MByte RAM, while WiNGs can access the full 16 MByte. JOS as a Linux derivative also benefits from this memory expansion for the SuperCPU from CMD. An unofficial adaptation of the Amiga module player MODplay for the SuperRAM card exists in secret, but has a slightly squeaky annoyance when listening to MODs due to different timing than the REU, for which the MODplayer was originally programmed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Without the SuperRAM card, the SuperCPU V1 only has 128 Kbyte RAM, the V2 or 256 Kbyte.
  • DDR-RAMs cause unstable operation and can even cause defects in the long run.
  • The plug connection with double-row connector post is unreliable despite two additional screws, the RAM bar sits firmly in the base thanks to metal clips. Loading errors / graphics errors / R-W errors are unfortunately not uncommon (with Metal Dust in graphics errors, etc. visible)
  • SIMMs from 1 Mbyte to 16 Mbyte in size can be used, but only one bar at a time.

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