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Device Name: SuperCPU
Manufacturer: Creative Micro Designs
Release Price: $199
Released: 1996
Discontinued: 2001
Processor: WDC 65C816S
Architecture: 8/16-bit
Clock Speed: 20 MHz
Opcodes: Documented 6510 opcodes only
Support Chips: Altera CPLD
ROM: 64Kb SuperCPU DOS
  • Cartridge pass through
  • SuperRAM Card (1–16MB RAM)
  • "Rocket Socket" header
Installation: External cartridge
License: Proprietary
  • SuperCPU (v1) was buggy
  • SuperCPU (v2) was quickly released a higher capacity CPLD that enabled significantly more optimizations than the first version.

The SuperCPU was released in 1996 by Creative Micro Designs. It is perhaps the best known CPU accelerator for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. It was certainly the most compatible accelerator of its day. It distinguished itself in both speed and compatibility.

The first release of the SuperCPU (v1) was buggy and was not fully optimized. This was due to the fact that the first Altera CPLD used by CMD was too small to include all of the necessary optimization logic to ensure a high degree of compatibility.

The second release of the SuperCPU (v2) generally solved these problems. It included a higher capacity Altera CPLD which allowed for more highly optimized logic without exceeding the capabilities of the chip.

The SuperCPU was far from the first commercially successful CPU accelerator but it was certainly the most ambitious design.

Technical Details[edit | edit source]

Important CPU Memory Locations

Location Purpose
$D074 (53364) VIC Bank 2/GEOS Optimization (mirror $8000-$BFFF)
$D075 (53365) VIC Bank 1 Optimization (mirror $4000-$7FFF)
$D076 (53366) BASIC Optimization (mirror $0400-$07FF)
$D077 (53367) No Optimization (mirror all memory (v1 default)
$D07A (53370) Software Speed Select - Normal
$D07B (53371) Software Speed Select - Turbo (20 MHz)($079)
$D07E (43374) Hardware Register Enable
$D07F (43375) Hardware Register Disable ($D07D)
$D0B0 (53424) SuperCPU Mode Detect Register
$D0B2 (52426) Bit 7 Hardware Register Enable Flag
$D0B3 (53427) Enhanced Optimization Register (v2 only)
$D0B4 (53428) Optimization Mode Flags (v1 and v2)
$D0B5 (53429) JiffyDOS Switch Flag / CPU Spped Switch Flag
$D0B6 (53430) Processor Emulation Mode Flag (v1 only)
$D0B8 (53432) Software Speed Flag (1=Normal, 0=Turbo)
$D0B8 (53432) Master Speed Flag (1=Normal via any source)
$D0BC (43436) DOS Extension Mode Flag / RAMLink Hardware Registers Flag
$D200-$D2FF System RAM (53760-54015)
$D300-$D3FF User RAM (available for user programs (54016-54271)

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