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Star Commander (short: SC) looks like the Norton Commander. It is a DOS shell for the PC for exchanging files of the C64 emulators C64 Software Emulator (short: C64S-Emulator), CCS64, Personal C64 or VICE beetween the PC and C64.

Since 1994 SC is developed permanently by Joe Forster and published as giftware. There are a series of useful Star Utilities, which can also run as stand alone programs. The current version is 0.83 from 2010.

The data is directly moved beetween a PC and a serial Commodore or CMD drive connected to it, as e.g. 1541/1570/1571/1581, FD-2000 and FD-4000. For this, the SC supports several types of cables, which are called X1541, but which are not limited to the 1541, as the name might imply.