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Prism Leisure Corporation
[[Image:|center| Prism Leisure Corporation logo]]
Founded 1980
Closed 2007
Headquarters Middlesex , England
Manager Jack Tramiel
Employees 500
Key People (choice) Geoff Young (Founder)
Turnover 100.000.000 US$
Sector Software, Music, DVD
Website Language:english

The company Prism Leisure Corporation was found by Geoff Young as "Geoff's Records" in 1980. Later the company was renamed in "Prism Leisure".

In 1987 was own software labels founded like "Endurance Games", "Addictive" and also low budget labels "16 Bit Pocket Power Collection", "Golden Classics" and "PC Hits". Also in 1987 was take over the software company Paxman Promotions, Ltd., which was intermittent used for low budget titles and computer games collections.

In the 1980s and 1990s Prism Leisure was publisher of many computer games and games collection.

Prism Leisure Corporation was bankrupty in 2007.

C64 Games (Selection)[edit]

Published games, also low budget:

Computer Games Collection[edit]

  4 Great Games On One Disk / Tape

  6 Great Games On One Disk / Tape


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