Ollie's Follies

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Ollie's Follies
Title image from the game
Game No. 317
Developer Frank Cohen
Company Fanda
Publisher Access Software, Americana Software
Release 1984 Access Software,
1986 Americana Software (re-release)
Platform C64, Atari 400/800XL/XE
Genre Platformer, Jump & Run
Gamemode Single player
2 players (in turns)
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Media Icon disk525.pngIcon kassette.png
Language Language:english


[edit] Voting

Voting of the C64-Wiki users (10=the best vote):
6.45 points at 11 votes (rank 475).
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C64Games 7 8th December 2010 - "vey good" 2263 downs
Lemon64 6,6 04th January 2011 - 16 votes
ZZap64 70% Issue 7/86

[edit] Description

The aim of the game is to guide Ollie safely through 24 rooms. A locked exit can be opened with a key. If Ollie reaches the opened exit, he will enter the next room. After touching an "Energizer", Ollie's hair colour changes to white. Now he has five seconds to eliminate some robots.

Game elements
  • robots
  • lifts
  • feeders
  • pipe systems
  • ventilators
  • teleports
  • spring boards
  • tightrope walks
  • laser beams
  • flashes

[edit] Design

Simply kept, clear multicolour graphics without scrolling. The platforms are shown in 3D. Pleasant sound effects emphasize certain situations in the game. The title music was later built into the Americana version in 1986.

In the upper status area the current player (1 or 2) is flashing. Further information as points, room number and highscore follow.

Room #1 - the simple starting level
Room #3 - the first small obstacles are already luring

[edit] Hints

Controls in the title screen
  • F5  number of players: 1 or 2
  • F7  start the game

Controls in the game
  • Joystick left and right move character left/right
  • press fire button jump up (multiple jumps are possible)
  • Joystick left and right + press fire button jump in walking direction (multiple jumps are possible)
  • F1  or Restore : abort game - back to the title screen

  • There is no time limit. If the character is in a safe place, the room can be analysed calmly to find a solution.
  • If you let go of the fire button after a jump, the character will move some more into the viewing direction.
  • Multiple jumps are possible (also into the opposite direction)

[edit] Solution

the meek ending

A password system was built into the version by Americana. If the password is entered correctly while the game is running the player gets into the desired room.

Room Password

[edit] Cheats

[edit] Critics

Werner: "A stable Jump & Run game without big weaknesses. The difficulty grade is balanced, there are no unfair situations. But the game is also no big highlight. Upscale mean - I give 8 points for the Americana version."

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Screenshot comparison C64 / Atari 8-Bit

Commodore 64
Atari 400/800/XL/XE

The Atari 8-Bit version plays the title melody a bit faster and the sound effects a bit smoother than the C64 version. Controls and game speed are almost identical.

[edit] Longplay

Longplay: Rooms 1-15

[edit] Cover


[edit] Highscore

Topscore of Werner
  1. Werner - 12.800 - Room 18 (12.05.2011)
  2. Camailleon - 10.410 - Room 14 (12.05.2011)
  3. Blubarju - 6.100 - Room 6 (13.05.2011)

#2 Camailleon #3 Blubarju
#2 Camailleon #3 Blubarju

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