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The Kilobyte Magazine is published by Boris Kretzinger in English. The first issue was published in June 2016. The PDF mag can read in the Internet for free. Actually are published two issues.


Issue 01/2016 Primary Number; Focus "FLOPPY-DISKS" (01. June 2016)
  • PORTRAIT: Alan Shugart, father of the 5.25" floppy disk.
  • DISCOVER: The art of floppy disk sleeves: start of a seriers presenting the nicest disk covers.
  • ONEINETYNINE: A new Kickstarter campgaign seels to fund a history book about Mastertronic games. And yes, all of them.
  • DUST: New plastic dust covers for old computer like Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari XE and more.
  • INSIGHT: Short overview about magnetic fields, ferric particles and antistatic fleece.
  • SIXTYFAKE: New 64 aim to be a modern C64 sucessor. Is it a real computer for the price of a toy?

Issue 02/2016 Focus "CHIPS 'N' GAMES" (26. September 2016)

Issue 01/2017 Focus "ALTERNATIVE MEDIA" (17. February 2017)
  • COLLECTIBLES: Some suggestions to complete your personal nerdvanas
  • DISCOVER: The art of floppy disk sleeves: presenting the nicest disk covers
  • TURN DISK OVER: Have former manufacturers of floppy disks any stock left someplace?
  • TAPECART: Martin Wendt and Ingo Korb make the tape port great again with this special cartridge
  • PRESS PLAY: How CD games found their way into the C64 – and who was behind it
  • SUNGLASSES: Not only useful at night, but also with green text on black screens
  • CHINESE CHIPS: Ever wondered where all the supply for old MOS chips comes from?
  • GAME ON: