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Hi-Res image from the demo Justice
Group Triad
Release 1992 & 2020
Platform C64
Genre One-File
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language Language:english
Information Exactly 28 years after the demo's initial release, programmer JFK released an update of his demo Justice

Justice is a short One-File demo by the group Triad. It was released on 2 June 1992. Exactly 28 years after the initial release of the first demo, coder JFK released an update of his demo Justice.

Background[edit | edit source]

Justice was released on 2 June 1992 and focuses on King, who was the victim of disproportionate police violence during a police stop in California in 1991. The incident became internationally known because it was accidentally filmed by a resident. About a month before the demo was published, on 29 April 1992, the violent police officers had been acquitted by a jury. The verdict triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The demo consists of a main part, reminiscent of fast-cut music video clips in terms of aesthetics, and two introductory text screens giving the context of the demo and the demo artist's view of the incident. Exactly 28 years later to the day, the programmer JFK released an update of his demo with the same music and similar graphic design, this time addressing the Murder of George Floyd.

Music[edit | edit source]

The music used in Justice occupies a prominent position in the overall impact of the demo. The track is called Hevia and was composed by Mikko Paronen, known in the demoscene under the pseudonym Coax. The tune was first used in the 1991 demo The Pezed Bars by Panoramic Designs. The images and text inserts in the main part are, in a sense, cut to the beat of the fast-paced piece of music. With each bass beat, the overlay changes, during the main theme without drum sounds, the hi-res image depicting a crucifixion scene. The music track is reminiscent of a SID music adaptation of heavy metal or techno music. Information on the further use of the piece as well as links to the HVSC can be found in the SID page within the CSDb. There it can be read that the composer, about a year before the release of Justice, died in a train accident near his home in Finland in March 1991.[1]

Justice (1992)[edit | edit source]

The text introduction to Justice (1992)

Justice was released on 2 June 1992. The demo was programmed entirely by Triad member JFK. He also did the graphics. The music used was composed by Mikko Paronen alias Coax. He belonged to the group Topaz Beerline.

Intro[edit | edit source]

The demo starts with a short insertion of the iconic PETSCII logo of Triad. Afterwards, a text panel shows a dedication to Rodney King, an excerpt from the lyrics of the song "...And Justice for All" by Metallica and a personal statement by the programmer JFK.

"Seek justice, because justice is our shelter against the evil inside." (JFK / Triad)

The second page of the intro features a quote from Melanie Ann Plaza from May 1992, summarising the American public's perception of the police violence incident against Rodney King.

Main part[edit | edit source]

The quickly "cut" main part of Justice (1992)

The main part of Justice consists of a sequence of large-scale text overlays and the hi-res image of a crucifixion motif in quick succession to the beat of the driving musical piece "Hevia" by Coax. Apart from the fast cuts of a music video clip aesthetic, the design also works strongly with contrasts of the colours black, white and red. The large text inserts in the clip include the name "Rodney King" as well as the terms "Justice for all", "Fear", "Burn" and a dollar sign. Trigger warning: In addition to the use of the crucifixion motif, which could offend religious feelings, swastikas are also shown in the demo. Overall, the form of the demo underlines a sense of anger and outrage.

Justice (2020)[edit | edit source]

The updated main part of Justice (2020)

Justice was released on 2 June 2020 - exactly 28 years after the first version. The demo was once again programmed by JFK, using the same aesthetic and music track by Mikko Paronen aka Coax. The demo uses an updated crucifixion motif in Hi-Res, but this time by Triad member Twoflower. The version of the demo released in 2020 is dedicated to George Floyd and Melanie Ann Plaza.

Intro[edit | edit source]

The 2020 version of Justice also begins with the iconic Triad logo fading in. This time, however, a ticker is superimposed over the logo. It contains an in memoriam Melanie Ann Plaza. In the ticker we learn that Plaza, born in 1976 and already quoted in the 1992 version of the demo, passed away in 2009. Programmer JFK tells us in the ticker that as an exchange student, she had opened his eyes to the reality of life for African-Americans in the USA. Furthermore, he also shares with us his motivation why he re-released his Justice Demo after 28 years. "There are almost 30 years between Rodney King and George Floyd and black lives still don't matter"[2] The text screen that pops up after pressing the space bar sums it up like this:

Nothing changes but the names and faces. Black America still can't breeze.

After pressing the space bar again, the "For The Love Of God" text by Melanie Ann Plaza on police violence against Rodney King, already used in 1992, appears.

Main part[edit | edit source]

The main part of the 2020 update of Justice is similar in style, make and music to the initial 1992 release - including the same triggers! Only two elements have been updated in this part. The large-scale insertion of the name "Rodney King" has been replaced by the name "George Floyd" and the old crucifixion motif of JFK has been updated by a new version created by Twoflower.

The first text screen of Justice (2020)
The "For The Love Of God" text by Melanie Ann Plaza in Justice

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