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Triad's famous PETSCII logo
Founded 28 July 1986
Headquarters Sweden
Key People (choice) Mr. Z, Jerry, Kingfischer, Cash
Sector Demos, Cracks
  • Emerged from: Crackers of the Damned, Lucifer Crackings ULTD 3001, RND
  • Slogan: Dealer Quality Software

Triad is the name of a scene group that originated in Sweden and focused primarily on creating and distributing cracks in the 1980s and 1990s, but also on producing demos. It was founded in 1986 and is one of the oldest existing groups (as of 2022) in the cracker and demoscene. On their 25th anniversary, on 28 July 2011, they announced that they had produced releases during every single year of their existence so far.[1]

Apart from the long history, the visually very uniform and consistent external presentation is one of the group's special features. Elements such as their famous PETSCII logo, similarly recognisable multicolour variants of it or the slogan Dealer Quality Software were created in the group's early phase, have been consistently used and achieve a high level of recognition. In marketing jargon, one would speak of a consistent brand presence or a corporate design. In recent years, Triad's demos have been very successful at competitions and the group has also released a number of tools for producing C64 content on other platforms, such as the CheeseCutter - a SID music editor for Windows and Linux.[2] The group's history is documented in detail on their website, an overview of their publications can be found in the CSDb[3].


  • The name Triad derives from the fact that three Swedish groups had joined forces at its foundation.[4]

Demos (selection)[edit | edit source]

The quickly "cut" main part of "Justice" (1992).

On the [website of the group] and the CSDb there are currently over 200 self-produced demos of Triad. For the most part, these are One-File-Demos. In the 1990s, some regularly recurring features were the use of SID music in a techno rhythm and flirting with Soviet symbols such as red and yellow colours, stars and the hammer and sickle. However, the group also repeatedly tackled current political and social issues, such as the police violence against [Rodney King] in Justice in 1992.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. FAQ Top 13: 25 years of Dealer Quality Software (and counting) "On the 28:th of July 2011, TRIAD turned 25 years old. [...] we are the only living Commodore 64 group that have released productions every year since our birth, and this for the last 25 years!
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  4. English language trivia entry in CSDB, as of 12 February 2022, "A few days before the foundation of Triad, this could be read in The Boring Message V1: Crackers of the Damned + Lucifer Crackings ULTD 3001 + RND = The golden Triangle of SWEDEN. This is the first trace of what would become Triad."