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An interface is a possibility to connect devices like printer, modem, joystick or monitor to a computer system. There are different types of interfaces for data transfer: serial, parallel, RS-232, PS/2, USB, FireWire and many more.

Overview of connectors and switches on the Commodore 64[edit | edit source]

The Commodore 64 has the following interfaces on the rear side:

The rear side of the Commodore 64

In the following lists an input is marked with "I" an output with "O".

On the right side are:

Right side of the Commodore 64
  • 1 and 2: The two Control Ports (I) 1 and 2 are used mainly as control inputs for games.
  • 3. The on / off switch.
  • 4. Power Jack (I) for the power supply.

Inside the Commodore 64 is the keyboard connector:

KBD C64 en.png

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

By this BASIC code the input / output logic, i.e. all interfaces, can be switched off: POKE 1, PEEK(1) AND 251

Note: Because all input and output possibilities are switched off by this, it might be used only from programs that are error free. The only possibility to recover from this is to reset the machine by a reset switch.

To switch the I/O back on from BASIC this code is used: POKE 1, PEEK(1) OR 4

Links[edit | edit source]

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