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RF jack of C64

By the RF jack the C64 can use a TV as monitor. The signal contains the picture and sound information in one.

At the left side of the RF jack you often see a H-L swith or a control dial:

  • The H-L switch switches between the channels 3 and 4 (only NTSC version)
  • The control dial is used for adjusting the frequency of the HF modulator.

Connector pin assignment[edit]

The RF jack is a cinch connector (RCA jack).

Pin assignment

Pin Signal Description
1 RF OUT HF-Signal
2 GND Earth, shielding


The HF signal is used by the PAL version (Europe) in the UHF aera (470-862 MHz) on channel 36 (picture carrier on 591.25 MHz). For the NTSC version (USA) in VHF aera (174-230 MHz) on channel 3 or 4. The impedance is 75 Ohm.

RF Connector:

RF cable for the C64

A typical RF cable for connection between the C64 and a TV.
A the left side of this picture the RF connector, at the right side a chinch connector.