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Back In Time Live 2002

Ben Daglish (31 July 1966 – 1 October 2018). Born in London, Daglish was a composer and musician known for creating soundtracks for many computer games during the 1980s, including Jack the Nipper, The Last Ninja and Deflektor. He was employed by Gremlin Graphics for a couple of years, but mostly worked freelance. Daglish also formed a partnership with prolific programmer Tony Crowther to form WEMUSIC ("We Make Use of Sound in Computers"). Daglish and Crowther had attended the same school.

Daglish lived in Derbyshire, England, where he composed and performed in a number of UK bands, including Loscoe State Opera, as well as regularly performing with violinist Mark Knight and the band SID80s at retro computer game events including Back in Time Live and Retrovision. He had also performed with Commodore 64 revival band Press Play On Tape together with Rob Hubbard. He was a fan of the late Ronnie Hazlehurst, a prolific British composer known for his television program theme tunes.

He died from complications from lung cancer on 1 October 2018, aged 52.

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