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Commodore Logo
C=Logo Einschaltmeldung1.jpg
Developer Leigh Klotz, Jr., Andy Finkel, John Cox, Patrick Sobalvarro, Devon McCullough
Publisher Terrapin, Inc. and Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
Release 1982
Platform C64, Plus/4
Genre Programming Language Logo
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette Cartridge
Language Language:english Language:French Language:Italian
Information Versions A and 8 (current)
Cartridge for Plus/4

Commodore Logo is a development system for the programming language Logo, which was published with a Logo tutorial and two floppy disks or on a cartridge. The first disk contains the Logo system and the second disk contains the utilities.

Commodore Logo was developed by Terrapin, Inc. in 1982/83 in cooperation with Commodore. It is based on the programming language Logo from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The C64 implementation was developed by Leigh Klotz, Jr. with cooperation by Andy Finkel from Commodore and also by John Cox, Patrick Sobalvarro and Devon McCullough from Terrapin. It was published the two versions A and 8 (current).

Description[edit | edit source]

Shipment[edit | edit source]

The development system contains two 5.25" floppy disks, which are one-sided recorded. The first disk contains the Logo interpreter and the second disks contains the Logo utilities such as routines and procedures for graphic, sprites and music, program examples, demos, games, applications; as well as tools such as assembler, text editor, sprite editor, etc.

Hardware Specifications[edit | edit source]



Keys[edit | edit source]

Important keys for editing
  • F1  : Only text screen.
  • F3  : Split text and graphics screen (HiRes), which only 1/3 text screen
  • F5  : Only graphics screen (HiRes)
  • Cursor up  or CTRL  + P  : Re-entry the last command line
  • CTRL  + C  or RUN/STOP  : Procedure finish --> procedure is saving into memory.
  • CTRL  + G  : Program / procedure abort
  • CTRL  + W  : Program temporarily pause, continue with any key
  • CTRL  + Z  : Program / procedure break

Disk Image[edit | edit source]

Start of Commodore Logo demo.
Graphical part of Commodore Logo demo.

A few useful programs like procedures, assembler, demos, applications or games are on the utility disk of Commodore Logo:

6     BASE.LOGO        PRG  Zahlenumrechner, bspw.: Hexadezimal in Dual 
2     JOY.LOGO         PRG  procedur for drawing by joystick
10    GRAMMAR.LOGO     PRG  sentence generator 
2     FOR.LOGO         PRG  FOR-NEXT loop / procedure
4     WHILE.LOGO       PRG  Contains WHILE and UNTIL procedure
9     ANIMAL.LOGO      PRG  game
5     LOG.LOGO         PRG  LOGarithm and Exponent procedure
1     ASSORTED.LOGO    PRG  Sprite demo (assorted shapes)
2     PIG.LOGO         PRG  Changes char into pig Latin A 
3     SNOW.LOGO        PRG  Draws snowflakes
3     ARCS.LOGO        PRG  Procedure for drawing with radius and the variable ARC and CIRCLE 
2     COLORS.LOGO      PRG  Variable names for colors like :RED
2     AMODES.LOGO      PRG  Part of Logo assembler
6     OPCODES.LOGO     PRG  Part of Logo assembler
14    ASSEMBLER.LOGO   PRG  Assembler editor for Logo
4     CCHANGE.SRC.LOGO PRG  Example for assembler programming in Logo
2     ADDRESSES.LOGO   PRG  Part of Logo assembler
1     CCHANGE.BIN      PRG  Example for assembler programming in Logo
1     B&W.LOGO         PRG  Procedure of b&w TV
1     CCHANGE.LOGO     PRG  Example for assembler programming in Logo
2     STAMPFD.LOGO     PRG  Print out strings on graphic screen
4     VELOCITY.LOGO    PRG  Procedure for sprites
3     TEXTEDIT.LOGO    PRG  Logo editor can used as text editor 
10    DYNATRACK.LOGO   PRG  game
20    ADVENTURE.LOGO   PRG  Text adventure game
2     TEACH.LOGO       PRG  Procedure for writing procedures without the Logo editor
11    SPRED.LOGO       PRG  Sprite editor for Logo; start: EDSH
3     PRINTPICT        PRG  BASIC program for printing out Logo graphic screens on printer with BASIC
33    INSPI.PIC1       PRG  Example picture 1
4     SPRITES.LOGO     PRG  Procedure for changing sprites
1     ANIMALS.LOGO     PRG  game
2     ANIMALS.SHAPES   PRG  Graphic for the game ANIMAL
5     SUBMARINE.LOGO   PRG  Demo U-Boot
5     INSPI.PIC2       PRG  Example picture 2
26    DEMO.LOGO        PRG  Commodore Logo demo with 4 parts
2     STAMPER.LOGO     PRG  Print out text on the graphic screen
2     TET.LOGO         PRG  Graphic procedure and variables
5     MUSIC.LOGO       PRG  Procedure for making music in Logo
5     DINOSAURS.LOGO   PRG  Demo Dinosaurier
1     VEHICLES.LOGO    PRG  Sprite Demo with cars
2     VEHICLES.SHAPES  PRG  Sprite data
1     SHAPES.LOGO      PRG  Geometrical sprite shapes
2     SHAPES.SHAPES    PRG  Data of geometrical sprite shapes 
2     SOUND.LOGO       PRG  Procedure for making SOUND in Logo
4     SPRITEDEMOS.LOGO PRG  Sprite demo
4     RUNNER.LOGO      PRG  Sprite demo
2     RUNNER.SHAPES    PRG  Sprite data for RUNNER
1     TWINKLE.LOGO     PRG  Music demo with the song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" 
10    PLOTTER.LOGO     PRG  Procedure for the Commodore 4 color plotter  
2     ASSORTED.SHAPES  PRG  Contains sprites shapes
2     ANIMAL.INSP.LOGO PRG  Editing the database for the game ANIMAL
2     C.SHAPES         PRG  Sprite data
8     INSTANT.LOGO     PRG  Easier Logo commands for kids for drawing with the turtle 
396   BLOCKS FREE.          

Memory Map[edit | edit source]

Commodore Logo used the following memory:

Memory: 	Using: 			KBytes: 
0000-00FF 	Page 0 (Shared) 		0,25 
0100-01FF 	Stack 			        0,25 
0200-03FF 	Kernel internal storage 	0,5 
0400-07FF 	Text screen (matrix) 	        1 
0800-0BFF 	Graphic matrix 		        1 
0C00-0DFF	8 sprites 			0,5 
0E00-0FFF	Logo internal storage 		0,5 
1000-1FFF	Recursion Stack 		4 
2000-4000	Graphic screen 		        8 
4000-AFFF	Logo interpreter 		28 
B000-DFFF 	Nodespace	 		12 
E000-EBFF	Typecodes 			3
EC00-FDFF	Strings 	                4,5 
FE00-FF00 	Input line 			0,25 
FF00-FF8F 	free			        0,125 
FF90-FFFF	Kernel, 6510 vectors	        0,125

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