Kids working with computers! - The Commodore Logo Manual

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Kids working with computers!
The Commodore Logo Manual LOGO
[[Image:|center|240px|Cover]] Language English
Author(s) Thomas Milton Kemnitz, Lynne Mass, Joseph Kuffler, Michael Rubin, Debbie Toll
Publisher Commodore
Childrens Press / Trillium Press
Year 1985
ISBN ISBN 0-516-08433-X
Original price -
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Pages 50
Last Edition
Genre Programming / Logo

Description[edit | edit source]

Einschaltmeldung "Commodore Logo".

The book "Kids working with computers! - The Commodore Logo Manual" is an easy manual writing in Simple English for childrens to start with the coding language Commodore Logo.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduce Yourself to LOGO
  2. Meet the Turtle
  3. Turtle Colors
  4. Print a Message
  5. Mr. Turtle's Math Magic
  6. How to SAVE and LOAD
  7. A Procedure from Mr. Turtle
  8. Building with Procedures
  9. The Printer
  10. Hide and Seek
  11. Can I Draw My Face?
  12. Mr. Turtle's Merry-go-round
  13. Easy Circles
  14. Idea Time...Fun with LOGO
  16. The Fixer...Editing
  17. Command Your Computer
  18. Erasable Pen
  19. Has Your Turtle Lost His Way?
  20. Turn the Turtle
  22. Fun with Sprites
  23. Sprite Shapes
  24. Moving Sprites
  25. Make Shapes
  26. MANYSHAPES...Changing Squares
  27. X and Y
  28. Set X, Y

Reading[edit | edit source]

26 MANYSHAPES...Changing Squares (S. 39/40)

... There are endless variations using inputs. You can create many shapes. Try this:


Experiment with different inputs such as:


When you have seen enough, hit CTRL G.

Try other numbers.

Here are some examples of MANYSHAPES that other children have invented:

Title	         Inputs for MANYSHAPES
Star	          1	150
Rose 	          5	94
Doily 	          1	170
Maze	          3	45
Better.Stairs 	 53	243
Endless.Tunnel	  8	90

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