Commodore 64 Comal-80 rev. 00.14

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Comal 80 rev. 00.14
Developers Jens Erik Jensen, Mogens Kjær, Helge Lassen, Lars Laursen
Publisher Unicomal Denmark Aps. , Commodore Data
Release 1984
platform(s) C64, CBM
Genre Development system for language Comal
Control Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language English
Information ...

Description[edit | edit source]

COMAL Cartridge

COMAL 80 rev. 00.14 on commodore 64 is Unicomal's ApS implementation of the COMAL80 standard for Commodore Data A/S on floppy disk.

Shipment[edit | edit source]

The developement system contains one a 5,25" floppy disk with COMAL 80 and 5,25" floppy disks with demos and a manual.

Hardware Specifications[edit | edit source]



  • Diskdrive 1570
  • Diskdrive 1571
  • Datasette 1530 (info: SETMSG-)


Documentation[edit | edit source]

The COMAL Reference Guide by B. Christensen is on Project64.

Difference between rev. 00.14 and v2.0[edit | edit source]

rev. 00.14 is a diskloading system where Comal 80 is loaded from Diskdrive, it gives only 12 KB programming space, compared to v2.0 where there is 30 KB programming space and some other features.

Comal programs saved must be loaded with same version, a solution to overcome this, is to LIST the program to Diskdrive.

  • The variable used in FOR is not local in rev. 00.14 where it is local in v2.0.
  • CLOSED procecures or functions names is global in rev. 00.14 where in v2.0 it is local a must use IMPORT to be used.
  • SPRITES IDENTIFY must follow a SHOWSPRITE in v2.0.
  • Tranfering arrays in function calls in rev. 00.14 it only needs the name, in v2.0 the name must be followed by a (,).
  • Function calls with parameters can be used without () in rev. 00.14 where in v2.0 you must use ().
  • Direct access can be done in rev. 00.14, it is forbidden in v2.0.
  • UNIT was used in rev. 00.14 to specify device, in v2.0 only needs to type "0:" for use device 8.
  • CLOSE FILE 255 is deleted in program in v2.0.
  • In rev. 00.14 Packages GRAPHICS and SPRITES is included in program where in v2.0 it must use USE package.
  • CLEAR in rev. 00.14 is now CLEARSCREEN in v2.0.
  • SETTEXT in rev. 00.14 is now TEXTSCREEN in v2.0.
  • SETGRAPHICS in rev. 00.14 is now GRAPHICSSCREEN in v2.0.
  • HOME in rev. 00.14 is center of the screen where in v.2.0 it is (0,0).
  • FRAME in rev. 00.14 is changed to WINDOW in v2.0.

NOT in rev. 00.14[edit | edit source]

  • FULL Comal Kernal
  • Defineable functionkeys
  • Graphicsscreen dumps
  • Better error messages
  • Modem communication
  • ASCII conversion
  • Batch files
  • External procedures
  • User Packages
  • Empty EPROM socket

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