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In the computer sector, bundle is the name for the sale of hardware with additional software such as games or applications. In the early years the sale of expensive hardware was pushed this way, with a commercial effect by putting reduced or even free of charge, high quality full versions to the bundle.

Some examples:

Later, special software versions were included, that query the computer for the corresponding necessary hardware element during installation or when starting the computer. If the hardware element is not available, the software does either only run with restrictions or not at all.

Meanwhile, combinations of different hardware parts or also of different independent programs are also named "bundle" in advertisements. Especially, the sale of computer games as bundle was and still is very popular, in particular as games collections.

Commodore 64 bundles[edit]

Future Games 64 Box
The Bundle of Video Supergame 64

The following bundles were released together with a Commodore 64, which were also named set, edition or package, often as a special sale for special events as e.g. the European Cup or World Cup of soccer or as sale of stock remainders.

  • Bundle for the European Soccer Cup 1984
  • 1984/85: Commodore 64 Computer Compedium 1984/85
  • 1987: Future Games 64
  • 1987: Commodore 64 Powergames or "COMPUTER AND VIDEOGAME IN ONE"
  • 1988: Video Supergame 64
  • 1990: Commdoore 64 Power Play or Computer Entertaiment System
  • 1990: Commodore-Paket Action-Box or Power Play II
  • 1990: Commodore C64C Hollywood
  • 1990: Commodore C64C Fantastic and Commodore Light Fantastic
  • 1990: Commodore C64C Mindbenders and Night Moves
  • 1990: Commodore C64C World Cup Football
  • 1991: Commodore C64C Playful Intelligence
  • 1991: 1987: Commodore 64 Terminator 2 or "COMPUTER AND VIDEOGAME IN ONE"
  • 1991: Commodore C64 Terminator 2 - Judgement Day I've Returned
  • 1991: Commodore C64C Testpilot