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The collective term application refers to a computer program which is used for the treatment of data. Because there are a lot of application areas, the applications are divided into their utilisation purposes:

Office applications[edit | edit source]

  • File management programs; e.g. address management, video management, finance and accounts management
  • Databases; e.g. DBase
  • Data communication programs; e.b. webbrowser, FTP client
  • DTP (DeskTop Publishing) programs; Programs for generating of booklets, newspapers and assignment of text and pictures
  • Editors: Small programs for manipulation of data or for making of text notes
  • Communication programs; e.g. email programs, chat programs, video conference program
  • Education programs; e.g. programs for learning programming languages (Assembler, BASIC, Logo, Pascal) or school stuff (math, languages)
  • Presentation programs; e.g. PowerPoint
  • Calculation programs; e.g. calculator or converting programs for physical values or currency
  • Spreadsheet programs; e.g. Excel
  • Word processors; e.g. Textomat, Vizawrite, Word, Starwriter

Today you will find different office applications combined in so called Office Program Packages. In a classic office package you will find at least one word processor and one spreadsheet, which are associated through a file manager. Additional you can find databases, calculation and presentation programs as well as DTP programs or an graphic application.

Graphic applications[edit | edit source]

  • Picture editors; for editing of photos (on pixel base); e.g. GoDot
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs; for making technical drawings
  • Graphic editors; for editing graphics on vector base
  • Drawing programs; for making graphics on pixel or vector base

Multimedia applications[edit | edit source]

  • Music editors; for making and editing of music
  • Video editors; for making and editing of videos

Links[edit | edit source]

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